Just last week, to make things convenient for tipplers, the Maharashtra government had opened up the liquor stores from 4 May to 6 May. After this step was undertaken, the government was forced to shut down these shops after they were fiercely overcrowded which led to the flouting of social distancing rules and the police had to lathicharge disobedient customers. But keeping in mind the tax income that liquor sales generate, the Maharashtra government has issued orders of home delivery of liquor in the state.

What's the News?

People buying liquor from the wine shop ANI

Home delivery of liquor will ensure that no social distancing rules are broken but this order issued by the Home Department will only come into effect after the guidelines are finalised in the next two days. Only those who have permit for drinking can avail this home delivery service and the liquor stores will be taking orders on phone. The mode of payment will depend on the buyer and the seller and a person can order up to 12 IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) bottles. The assigned delivery person will have to use a mask and hand sanitizer at frequent intervals to avoid any sort of contamination.

The Maha government had earned more than ₹100 crore in those 3 days and the state has also curated an e-token system in Pune and Nashik for buying liquor. Other states like Punjab and West Bengal have already started off with this delivery practice.

A message to all our readers

The authorities are doing their best to make our lives convenient during such a crisis and in order to keep it that way, please follow the directives as given by the medical professionals. Even if you're stepping out for your essentials, do not forget your masks and sanitizers and maintaining a distance of 2 metres is a must. As much as you'll stay home now, the sooner you'll be able to settle back in the normalcy of your routines!

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