Mumbai on a road to recovery; reports lowest death toll in 100 days!

Number of new cases also witnessed a downward trend.

Mumbai reported its lowest fatalities count (20), in the last 105 days and is showing increase in active recovery and improvement in medical competence too. An increase in the number of recoveries over admissions in the medical centres and a lower number of active cases has brought a ray of hope to the city.

What's the news?

The virus of COVID-19 infection seems to be losing its grip on the city of Mumbai with a reduced caseload and a dip in the virus-related fatalities to 20 since May 11. Recording 743-the lowest number of cases since August 15, the total number of cases right now is 1,37,096. With about 1,11,082 recoveries, only 18,267 of the total remain active. Out of these active patients, a percentage as high as 95% have been categorised as mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic and about 3% have been marked as critical. The remaining 2% have needs of external oxygen ventilators and support.

The downward trend of new cases and deaths in the city has been identified due to the festive galore in the city. The medical officials have pinned the lower death rates to lower case identification in the city over the weekend. A surge in fatalities and cases expected once the COVID care centres and the hospitals update their weekly reports.

However, with help of the medical expertise and execution of the treatment protocols, the recovery rate can be further increased, and the death count can be lowered.

Knock Knock

Mumbai has been showing improved statistics this month, with the total number of fresh cases falling by one third of those reported in July. Though the potency of the virus has not lost its ferocity and there is still a threat of active transmission, the expertise of senior consultants and standard treatment protocol is expected to cure the city of Mumbai and its people.

Hotels & restaurants to reopen by the first week of October in Mumbai & other Maharashtra districts!

Establishments are permitted to function at 50% of their potential following the norms of social distancing

The Maharashtra Cabinet has permitted around 4 lakh hotels, bars, restaurants and eateries in the state, majorly set in Mumbai Metropolitan Region to resume functions at 50% of their capacity starting October. The decision is likely to affect around 60 lakh direct employees and 1.8 crore indirect employees involved in the hospitality sector, which has faced a major brunt of the almost 7-month long nationwide coronavirus lockdown and the consequent phased unlocking process.

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In a first, Western Railway employees in Mumbai & its surrounding areas to work in 2 shifts

WR has already established 2 new offices at Mumbai's Virar and Santacruz area.

Although we're being advised to maintain a distance of 6 feet, Mumbai's crammed public transport paints a different picture. Keeping that in consideration, the Western Railways on Monday, became the first-ever government organization to administer staggered office timings. As per reports, 22,000 railway employees will be working in two shifts- from 8 AM and 2 PM. The authorities are also planning on opening up 2 new offices in a week's time to solve transport issues faced by the staff. This will help in preventing overcrowding problems in its two existing offices at Churchgate and Bombay Central.

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Covid-19 update: Mumbai records highest infection tally in a month!

About 1/3rd of the total Mumbai caseload can be traced to 5 city wards.

The month of September has accounted for the maximum number of cases reported in Mumbai. The city case tally has surged by 53,041 cases since the beginning of September and is expected to clock over the total of 2 lakh infections by the end of the month, with its current count of 1,98,846 COVID cases. Around 1/3rd of the active caseload of 1,62,939 infections have been found in 5 ward belt in North Mumbai from Andheri to Borivali.

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The Health Department of Maharashtra, issued a notification on Thursday that bans the sale of loose cigarettes and beedis in the state. This ban has come in the view that loose cigarettes do not inform the smoker of the consumption and health warning which are otherwise present on cigarette packets.

This notice of public interest has been issued under subsection (2) of section 7 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and commerce Production, supply and Distribution).

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Mumbai's KEM Hospital to start human trial of Oxford University's COVID-19 vaccine

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine had previously been halted for a while.

KEM Hospital in Mumbai's Parel area, which is a government-run facility, will start off with the human trials of Oxford University's Covishield vaccine on Saturday. This will be a first, in the city and the vaccine will be doled out to 3 people for a start, as mentioned by the KEM Dean. The minimum age for volunteers is set at 18 and these volunteers should be healthy adults with no co-morbidities and they must not have contracted COVID-19 before. There is no upper age limit.

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