Mumbai Police to be equipped with 1,300 body cameras to capture accurate proofs during emergencies

These cameras will help to record evidence during attacks on, or sucffle with officials or duty.

In a bid to strengthen the pillars of its law enforcement, the Mumbai Police Department will soon be upgraded with 1,300 body cameras which will help to record accurate proofs during attacks on on-duty officials or other such emergencies. As per reports, Mumbai cops were promised such devices two years ago, when the police safety project was first launched.

Cameras for Police Safety

In 2016, a scuffle between on-duty police personnel and two civilians escalated to a point where the policeman succumbed to his wounds. As per reports, the constable asked the accused juvenile to produce his vehicle documents, when he was attacked brutally by him and his brother. This not only filled the entire department with rage but also highlighted the need for safety provisions of the officials who are deployed for civic safety.

Thus, two years ago, the pilot police safety campaign was launched where usage of body cameras was provisioned. Granted only now, these are digital miniature cameras which have been pinned to the uniforms of traffic police. Linked to GPS and WiFi, these cameras can capture high-resolution images in cases of attacks, read reports.

These cameras are going to work both ways. The technology will protect the police officials from unwarranted attacks and will also be beneficial for the city dwellers. No police officer will be able to indulge in corrupt or mal-practices on duty which will further increase road safety. Therefore, these body cameras will keep both law enforcement and citizens under strict watch, making Mumbai roads safe for one and all.

Using #Phygital, Jaipur Woman's startup ushers steady earnings for 10,000 rural women across India

Incepted in 2011, the company envisions bringing rural consumers from remote areas of the country to digital business platforms.

Recent times have witnessed astounding initiatives to integrate rural India with advances in modern technology. Marvelling in the same field, 'Frontier Markets', an innovative company launched by Ajaita Shah from Jaipur is redefining the route of retail in the rustic regions of the country. Incepted in 2011, the company envisions bringing rural consumers from remote areas of India to digital business platforms through a multi-faceted outlook.

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Goa's new start-up policy to ease matters for new ventures

Government and new enterprises in Goa to join forces, under the new start-up policy.

The new start-up policy drafted for Goa will help the state to refine governance with a targeted and novel approach of new companies. The revised scheme is being designed to encourage new start-ups in the state to come forward and share their ideas with the government, extending their services to improve administration here. This will not only lead to an impeccable civic system but also culture a new landscape to develop businesses in Goa.

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Lucknow sounds alert in view of rising COVID cases in several Indian states

Lucknow Health Department raises guard in a bid to contain the COVID spread.

Lucknow has issued an alert in view of the resurgence of COVID-19 in Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and Chhatisgarh. The city's Health Department has raked up surveillance to identify and snub any new source of infection here. Consequently, people who've reached Lucknow from the aforementioned 5 destinations(about 125 travellers as of now) are being monitored by the command centre of the health department.

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Kanpur's shoe industry to get a boost; new training institute to help craftsmen hone their skills

The training institute will be housed in Kanpur-Unnao Leather Cluster(KLC) Development Company, near Jajmau.

With aspirations to grow as an industrial hub in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is attempting to strengthen multiple production sectors in the city. After the construction of Leather Mega Cluster started in Ramaipur, the latest development has ushered in good news for the city's shoe industry. As per reports, the industry would soon get a horde of skilled craftsmen with the proposed establishment of a training institute in Kanpur-Unnao Leather Cluster(KLC) Development Company.

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Terminal 1 of Mumbai Int'l Airport to flag off domestic flights from March 10

Domestic flights commissioned under Go Air, Star Air, Air Asia and Trujet will soon take off from the CSMIA T-1.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai will re-start domestic services from Terminal-1, starting March 10. Since the lockdown, all domestic and international services to and from Mumbai are being managed from the international Terminal-2 due to COVID-19 induced travel restrictions. However, that is about to change from March 10, after which domestic flights commissioned under Indigo, Go Air, Star Air, Air Asia and Trujet will take off from the CSMIA T-1, read reports.

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