Mumbai suburbs to get a multi-level aquarium, on the lines of Bangkok & Singapore

Mumbai suburbs might very soon be a home to a multi-level aquarium which will be built on the lines of Bangkok and Singapore, to boost the tourism potential around this area. Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, recently ordered the Tourism Department to draft a proposal regarding the development of this high-end aquarium in Mumbai.

Due to a declining footfall, Mumbai's Taraporevala Aquarium was renovated back in March 2015, with an acrylic glass tunnel on the entrance to add to its appeal and yet failed to retain its position as a major tourist spot. To bolster the falling number of tourists, authorities in Mumbai have come up with the idea to open a world class aquarium in the suburbs.

What's Happening?

After assuming charge as the CM of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray has proposed a multi-level aquarium in Mumbai on the lines of Ocean World, which is a Bangkok-based aquarium and also a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.

This suggestion has been curated with a vision of boosting the tourism potential of the city and will be administered by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. The aquarium will be built on five acres of Aarey land at a cost of approximately 800 crores. Also, no redevelopments or expansion will be undertaken pertaining to the existing Taraporwala Aquarium.

According to reports by TOI, the CM stated, "Mumbai being the city of international standards, needs to be developed further by adding new attractions to woo tourists." He further added that the government had already built a cruise terminal that is at par with international standards and building a high-level aquarium would further enhance the list of popular tourist attractions in the city.

Knock Knock

The exact spot of construction hasn't been finalised yet as the concerned department is awaiting a response from the collectorate. Apart from this project, other tourism concepts such as sea tourism, night safari in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and flamingo tourism were also a part of the discussions.

Since Mumbai is all about the sea, authorities are also focusing on water tourism activities, which will be implemented in multifolds. Moreover, existing caves such as the Mahakali Caves, Kanheri Caves and Elephanta Caves will also be developed to increase the tourism quotient of the city.

Mumbai is famed as the 'City Of Dreams' and given the struggles and success stories which this city churns out on a daily basis, people come from afar to settle in here. Mumbai is a city which gives us hopes even amidst all the routine grapplings but once you're a part of aamchi Mumbai, there'll be no going back.

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The local train network in Mumbai is like the lifeline of the city. The entire city will come to a standstill if the local trains do not function properly and that is a testament of how important the Mumbai locals are for the everyday daily. The newest addition to this humongous network is the AC local. And now the first fully air conditioned suburban train in the country, the Mumbai AC local will soon have a new feature to boast of.

Western Railway is gearing up to start a 'Content on Demand' service in the new Mumbai AC Local, a broad gauge train which was launched a few days back between Panvel and Thane.

What's the update?

The newest marvel of Western Railway, the Mumbai AC Local will soon have a 'Content on Demand' service. This initiative aims to change the way people view local trains as well as introduce the quotient of luxury and comfort in the trains. This would include a high-quality, buffer free streaming of new and popular TV shows as well as movies.

The content on demand services will be rolled out for two Rajdhani trains and the AC local of Western Railways (WR), according to a report by The Hindu. The service is expected to begin in the next two years and stream content including educational programmes, television shows and movies.

The service will be available in both paid and unpaid formats on a mobile app which can be downloaded by the passengers and used as a window. Passengers will be able to log in to the app, stream the content and enjoy the service.

This project will initially be piloted in the select few trains and will then launch for the more premier trains of the of Indian Railway.

Knock Knock

The new content on demand service is another facility meant to lure passengers towards the more luxurious trains. Travelling via the Indian railway today is no less sophisticated than through flights and that is exactly what the railway is aiming towards.

Given our monotonous routines, the bored part of us is always scouting for things to explore, places to be at and such expeditions never seem to end. Honestly, how would it?! Mumbai has no dearth of events and with a plethora of things to do here, there's always a constant FOMO hacking our minds.

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Mumbai has a lot of tourist destinations which are frequented by people from around the world. For outsiders, these gems give a snippet of Mumbai's past. While for the locals they are a symbol of pride, a testament to how the city came to be what it is today. However, many of these tourist spots are often left unattended, in a dilapidated state and lose their former glory.

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Mumbai has been gearing up to become the "Maximum City" it was so termed in the Suketu Mehta's revelling piece- 'Bombay Lost and Found'. Maharashtra government's Mumbai 24X7 is an initiative designed to brighten the nightlife of the city will come in full swing from March.

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The Mumbai Metro One will now ensure that students who have a board examination to attend will not have to stand in queues to get tickets for the metro. This is another one of those highly commuter friendly decisions that will bring about a much needed change. Here's what you students need to know about it.

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