Mumbai University to conduct MCQ based final exams from home, in October

Practical exams to be conducted from September 15, ATKT-backlog examinations from September 25 to 30.

Mumbai University has finally drafted a way to conduct examinations for the terminating batches of 2020 across all varsity colleges. After multiple meetings and deliberations, the university has settled upon the MCQ format of question paper that will be conducted and supervised online. Each paper will be for 50 marks and time limit of 1 hour. Other exams, such as practicals and vivas, along with backlog exams for the final year students will also be conducted online, via phone or other such digital platforms.

Digital MCQ Solution

Most varsity colleges are opting for this option and thus, Mumbai University has devised a formula to ensure a systematic control over the preparation of the online exams. The 41 traditional colleges of the varsity will lead a cluster of 8-10 of its constituent institutes who will submit their question banks to supervising schools, for the formation of a well-rounded question paper. Students will sit through a mock exam to wrap their heads around the new system and get their doubts solved.

Colleges have been directed to map their student body to check what gadgets (smartphones laptops, computers, iPads) they have and if there is enough digital infrastructure to hold the exams. Those students who are not able to take these exams will sit through the second round of exams, the details of which will be drafted later. The first round of final theory exams will be conducted from October 1 to 17 and will have an MCQ question paper that will carry 50 marks as the maximum score and a time period of 1 hour. The MCQ exams will have leaderboards that will generate immediate scores on the completion of exams and all colleges in the varsity ambit will have to submit these results within 2 to 3 days of the exams.

The practicals and viva exams will be conducted from September 15, ATKT and backlog exams have been slated between September 25 and 30. Other detailed guidelines will be issued soon by the University after all colleges, including autonomous institutes, who are directed to draft their question banks and map students independently, submit their final plans to the state government by the deadline of Monday noon.

Knock Knock

While the Mumbai University has finalised upon the idea of online exams in an MCQ format, experts have shared their concerns over the credibility of these exams, especially for heavy theory papers like English Literature. The logistics of the plan require a strong and steady internet connection which happens to be the primary reason why most colleges did not conduct exams by online means in the last 5 months. Most educational professionals feel that the university has taken way too long to draft this option, which is also a sheer compromise for various courses and subjects that cannot be translated into multiple-choice questions.

Covid-19 update: Mumbai records highest infection tally in a month!

About 1/3rd of the total Mumbai caseload can be traced to 5 city wards.

The month of September has accounted for the maximum number of cases reported in Mumbai. The city case tally has surged by 53,041 cases since the beginning of September and is expected to clock over the total of 2 lakh infections by the end of the month, with its current count of 1,98,846 COVID cases. Around 1/3rd of the active caseload of 1,62,939 infections have been found in 5 ward belt in North Mumbai from Andheri to Borivali.

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The Health Department of Maharashtra, issued a notification on Thursday that bans the sale of loose cigarettes and beedis in the state. This ban has come in the view that loose cigarettes do not inform the smoker of the consumption and health warning which are otherwise present on cigarette packets.

This notice of public interest has been issued under subsection (2) of section 7 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and commerce Production, supply and Distribution).

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Mumbai's KEM Hospital to start human trial of Oxford University's COVID-19 vaccine

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine had previously been halted for a while.

KEM Hospital in Mumbai's Parel area, which is a government-run facility, will start off with the human trials of Oxford University's Covishield vaccine on Saturday. This will be a first, in the city and the vaccine will be doled out to 3 people for a start, as mentioned by the KEM Dean. The minimum age for volunteers is set at 18 and these volunteers should be healthy adults with no co-morbidities and they must not have contracted COVID-19 before. There is no upper age limit.

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Local train services in Mumbai increased by the Central Railway, from today

The new provisions are distributed over different destinations on both mainline and harbour line routes.

In an effort to minimize overcrowding in locals trains during this pandemic, the Central Railway has set 68 additional special suburban local trains in motion, in Mumbai. At the moment, the aforementioned department operates 355 local trains and this new move is intended towards making the commute easier for the essential services staff. The new provisions are distributed over different destinations on both mainline and harbour line routes.

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Toll rates hiked! Mumbai raises entry-exit toll charges from October 1

State notifies toll rise is periodical, levied against recovery of maintenance cost of bridging structures.

The toll charges of Mumbai are all set to witness a spike by 18% at all entry and exit booths, at Vashi, Mulund, Airoli, LBS Nagar and Dahisar, 1st October onwards. These revised rates have risen as a recovery in correspondence to the cost of flyovers, bridges, subways, road development and maintenance. The one-way toll for a car which was previously priced at ₹35 will stand to ₹40 from the coming Thursday!

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