Mumbai to soon get the largest air quality monitoring network in India

The air quality monitoring network plays on the idea that prevention, undoubtedly, is better than cure.

To combat the increasing air pollution that has gripped the entire nation, Mumbai will soon have a network of air quality monitoring stations which will warn the city in case of an increase in the atmospheric pollution. These network of air quality sensors & monitoring stations will help in dealing with the rampant air quality issue in the financial capital of the country.

What's the update?

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has approved the development of an extremely sophisticated, air quality monitoring network for Mumbai. Made of 90 air quality monitoring stations, once developed, this station will be the biggest in India, taking over Delhi which currently has the biggest such network with 38 air quality monitoring stations.

According to a recent report by HT, the project will be partially funded by a private organisation- Conservation Action Trust (CAT), which will be lending the BMC a helping hand during the development of said project. The project is expected to exhaust a fund of approximately 10 crores and be ready in the next five year.

The ingenious aspect of the project lies with the mobile sensors. it has been reported that the air quality monitoring network will have 80 real-time stationary monitoring stations as well as 10 mobile sensors which will be mounted on BEST busses. These mobile sensors will collect representative air quality samples from across the city.

The air quality monitoring system, once put in action, will provide information about the concentration of particulate matter and pollutants such as PM 1, PM2.5, PM10 initially and subsequently, NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), O3 (Ozone), SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) as well as CO (Carbon Monoxide).

Once collected the information will be updated on monitors placed at every 4 square kilometre in the city. The data will be updated hourly and the monitors will also show other weather related information.

Knock Knock

The air quality monitoring system will ensure that the concerned bodies can keep a tight vigilance on the AQI of the city and establish preventative measures to ensure a pollution free environment for Mumbaikars. The air quality monitoring network plays on the idea that prevention, undoubtedly, is better than cure.

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