Mumbaikars, now pay for your tickets via e-wallets as BEST decides to go cashless from March!

BEST buses will now have an e-payment system for your tickets

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) committee has been going through major changes lately. The corporation which has been doing the exact same thing for a long time has decided to embrace the new and finally upgrade its primitive technology. From the introduction of new modern electric busses to the cancellation of the iconic double decker ones, the changes are coming in left and right and we'll say it is about time.

One such change is the upgrade of the ticketing system. BEST has decided to turn towards the e-ticketing and payment services to making ticketing much hassle free for commuters as well as the corporation.

What's the update?

Mumbaikars will now be able to pay for their tickets through a plethora of e-wallets. The commuters who have had to look for spare change in their pockets will finally be able to just tap their screens and make the payment for their rides. So instead of the slip that was generated via an electronic machine, BEST will now provide e-tickets that the commuters will receive on their phones.

With this new service BEST aims to make ticketing a much hassle free experience for its commuters as well as the corporation itself.

Commuters in Mumbai can now pay for their BEST bus tickets via the e-wallets of PayTm, PayPoint and PhonePe. This will not only save time but would also ensure that the conductors can heave a sigh of relief. The daily ridership of best busses had spiked last year when a revision of the ticketing system was done by the corporation.

How will it work?

Passengers will now be able to book their tickets after logging on to the aforementioned sites. After the payment process is completed, each passenger will receive a unique 6 digit code which they can submit to download their tickets or show to receive a hard copy of the same.

Knock Knock

BEST is expected to roll out the new ticketing service by March. Which means, travelling in Mumbai is set to become cashless for many who choose the busses as their transport everyday.

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