The actual story behind the rocks in Marine Drive, Mumbai!

The actual story behind the rocks in Marine Drive, Mumbai!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

Marine Drive aur Mumbai are like the eternal chai-biskut combo, incomplete without each other! The scenic beauty of the resplendent Marine Drive is what really makes the city come alive and monsoons are a sight to behold here. The sprawling promenade attracts photographers, joggers and tourists from all over and it’s a locale for all to relish. Even Bollywood has showcased these rocks several times in different movies- remember Wake Up Sid?

Honestly the sounds of the crashing waves are like a homely music to the ears and it spells peace for us, Mumbaikars. So if you’ve been around this area, maybe sitting by the oscillating sea, have you ever noticed the shape of the rocks here? Well, these rocks have a rock-solid reason of being here!

The actual story behind the rocks in Marine Drive, Mumbai!

Here’s why-

These colossal 'four-legged' concrete rocks, binding themselves to one another are known as tetra-pods! When these tetra-pods are placed in an interlocking pattern, they tend to form a porous boundary which lets only a part of the water seep in, guarding the major chunk from crossing boundaries. These tetra-pods first originated in France and were later developed in Australia because of the high demands and usage! These structures are quite popular in other countries too and it is also said that they interrupt the natural cycle of soil erosion and nutrition! There are approximately over 600 tetra-pods rooted at the Marine Drive and each tetra-pod weighs around 2 tons and costs more than ₹5,000 per structure!

The herculean tetra-pods have become an integral part of the Marine Drive’s identity and without this endowment, we would have faced heightened water clogging issues in the city!