India's first-of-its-kind World Trade Centre in Mumbai is symbolic of the nation's trade & growth

The World Trade Centre was the tallest skyscraper in Mumbai, until the construction of Imperial Tower in 2010.

While many acknowledge Mumbai as the centre of finance, trade and industrial growth in India, this identity stems from the city's visionary progress in the foray of research and development. One such timely project that strengthens Mumbai's status as the economic hub, is the World Trade Centre.

A skyscraper built in the '70s, the WTC in Mumbai was India's first trade centre, installed as a symbol of the nation's prosperity and independent growth. The establishment blends in the tireless efforts of industrialists, businessmen and government to promote indigenous trade.

The foundation of 'Prosperity through Trade'

A high-rise building located in the Cuffe Parade region of South Bombay, the World Trade Centre is one of the colossal reasons why is Mumbai city is referred to as the Financial Capital of India. A platform that melanges the fields of education, trade and investment to pedal up a moving economy, it stands true to its motto, "Prosperity through trade".

The concept of India's own World Trade Centre cultured in the prospect of Sir M Visvesvaraya, on June 26 1970. The idea was to give breathing space to India's future in trade, industrial research, development and overall prosperity. As such, he winged the aspect of trade to facilitate the growth of a country that was struggling to find its own identity - independent of government and trade promotion organisations. It became the connecting link across various sectors of the economies, across countries around the world - putting India on a global axis.

On 14 January 1978, the first phase of the World Trade Centre came into being, materialising what would be known as Mumbai's potential to be the pioneer of trade and development. This establishment recognised the needs of development before their emergent presence and created the 'Expo Centre' to employ the power of exhibition in growth. This chamber, in the present day, stands as a world-class exhibition space with a 360º view of the Arabian Sea.

The key progressor of trade, beyond every limit!

This high rise stood as the tallest building in South Asia until the construction of the Imperial Tower in Tardeo in 2010. The building soars upto 156 metres (512 ft) and consists of 35 floors. It consists of two towers today, the M. Visvesaraya Industrial Research and Development Centre (MVIRDC) and the IDBI.

The World Trade Centre in Mumbai today expands as the umbrella unit to all agencies connected with international trade as well as business expertise, linked with centralised services and facilities as the key progressor of the trades. A living testimony of homogenous growth across all sectors, the WTC is a promise of futuristic excellence, in every field!

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