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The 'Great Conjunction' of Jupiter & Saturn to be seen in the Mumbai sky today

Get ready to witness a celestial wonder today, Mumbaikars!

Winter solstice this year will award the Mumbaikars with an astronomical treat, where Jupiter and Saturn will be seen as a single planet today. As per reports, this phenomenon called 'conjunction', will be witnessed after 800 years at 0° Aquarius in the south-western Mumbai sky. These two gaseous planets will align at a minimum distance of 0.1° to each other; in other words, the two planets will align near the moon, 6 minutes and 6 seconds apart from each other tonight.

The 'Great Conjunction' of 2020

December 21, 2020, will mark the celestial phenomenon of 'Great Conjunction' of Saturn and Jupiter, which will start at 6:15 PM in the evening and will be most clearly visible at 11:50 PM on Monday. The Nehru Science Centre in Worli and Space Geek, which is an organisation dedicated to space and astronomy, has busied itself with the task of webcasting the entire event, from the terrace of the science centre for the benefit of the people. This coming together of the two gas giants will kick off a totally-new two-hundred-year epoch known as the Age of Air. The Director of the Nehru Planetarium added that this event will be next seen on March 15, 2080.

As per forecasts, the conjunction will be visible in the south-western sky right over the city of Mumbai, making the city dwellers the front row audience of this treat. Officials at the Planetarium are hoping for a clear sky to ensure maximum visual sight. NASA has stated that the conjunction will be visible to the naked eye clearly without any special equipment and can be easily captured with DSLRs and mobile phone cameras.

Winter Solstice today

According to studies, Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 years while Saturn takes 30 years to conclude its revolution. This leads to Jupiter catching up to Saturn every couple of decades. From the Mumbai Observatory set-up, Jupiter will move towards Saturn, trudging on the inside lane, finally overtaking it today, on December 21. This day also marks the annual phenomenon of Winter Solstice, when the sun shines directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, leading to longer days and shorter nights for the Northern Hemisphere of the earth.

As per new orders by Kanpur Municipal Corporation, citizens will now have to inform the authorities before bringing home a pet. Those failing to do so will have to pay a hefty fine of ₹1200, irrespective of breed and size. The Municipal Corporation is also planning to bring pet clinics under the purview of the license.

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Newly launched e-buses to connect Lucknow to nearby rural areas from October 25

The fares for the e-buses will range from ₹5 for 3 km to ₹37 for more than 25 km

The newly launched electric buses in the city will ply on a new route, connecting Lucknow to the rural areas around, starting October 25. This will be the first time that such a service will be deployed in these areas, wherein commuters will be able to travel to and from the city, in the comfort of new state-of-the-art e-buses. The trials for the same are currently underway.

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List of SOPs issued for colleges in Mumbai ahead of the scheduled reopening on Wednesday

Check out the details of the guidelines issued by the University of Mumbai for its affiliated colleges here

Degree colleges in Mumbai are all set to resume offline classes from October 20. Ahead of the reopening, the University of Mumbai has issued new SOPs to ensure safety for all staffers and students. Amongst various other steps, the college authorities have been asked to take ensure social distancing, follow the mask norm, and maintain hygiene. Read on to check out other details:

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LMC to fight air pollution in Lucknow with new anti-smog guns!

Notably, Lucknow Municipal Corporation had purchased 3 anti-smog guns last year as well.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation will deploy vehicles equipped with new anti-smog guns to combat the growing levels of air pollution in the city. The anti-smog guns will ensure proper visibility during the foggy season by improving the quality of air significantly and making it more breathable for the citizens here.

Notably, as per the World Air Quality Report 2020, Lucknow was ranked as the ninth most polluted city in the world. It has been reported that the level of pollution rises significantly during the winters due to the drop in temperature paired with high moisture content apart from other common factors. This deadly combination leads to the trapping of particulate matter in the atmosphere, thereby deteriorating the air quality.

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Sale & use of green firecrackers allowed in Jaipur & other Raj districts

The cracker ban is lifted in all districts, except the ones that fall in the NCR area.

In a bid to promote an ecological festive season, the Rajasthan government has permitted the sale and use of only green firecrackers, in all regions execpt those falling under NCR. Additionaly, the ban will remain in force in cities with poor air quality.

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Zero COVID fatalities reported in Mumbai on Sunday, for the first time in 20 months!

The latest development has brought in a new respite to the citizens and authorities alike.

After a difficult year marred by the pandemic, there is finally some good news for the people of Mumbai. For the first time since the onset of COVID on March 26, 2020, the metropolitan city has reported zero fatalities. While the city is already on the path to recovery with a decline in cases each day, the latest development has brought in a new respite to the citizens and authorities alike.

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New flights to ease connectivity from Indore to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi & Hyderabad from October 31

These flights are part of the winter schedule approved by the DGCA

As per the new winter flight schedule approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, 25 new flight services will be started to ease connectivity from Indore to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The daily flight movement between Indore and Delhi is set to increase with the induction of 16 new flights on this route. 10 new flights on both Indore-Ahmedabad and Indore-Mumbai routes along with at least 8 other services between Indore- Hyderabad, will also be functional from October 31.

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