Once a strategic ruling post prized by colonial forces, the ruins of Vasai Fort, located almost 77 km from Mumbai, are now a preferred backdrop for films and music videos by artists across the globe. A wonder to explore for design lovers and history buffs alike, this heritage site should feature on your must-visit list, for it has tales to tell that date back four centuries. So if you are up for a session of history set against a panoramic view flanked by palm trees and a deep-blue horizon, then plan a potluck with your friends and family at Vasai Fort, whenever in the locale!

Also known as Bassein Fort

Filled with the sea breeze that carries with it the distinct and raw odour of seawater, the location of the quaint Vasai Fort can be easily mistaken for Goa! The verdant hues of flora, the blue sky dotted by cirrus clouds and the deep-blue waters of the Arabian Sea, can easily enchant their way to the hearts of the tourists traversing this terrain, once known as Bassein Fort.

If you have an inclination for foreign languages, then you will definitely enjoy perusing the earliest inscriptions in Portuguese, that are preserved at Vasai. Further, much to the delight of history enthusiasts, the remnants of a 16th-century city, which was once fortified by these ramparts, can also be witnessed. A dedicated area for bazaar, church, granary and library, among other things, are the highlights of the tour across this ancient city.

How to reach?

The best way to reach Vasai from the heart of Mumbai is via road and this journey of 77 km can be covered in almost 1.5 hours. If you prefer train journeys, then you can always book your tickets as per their availability and deboard at the nearest station- Virar Railway Station.

Knock Knock

A noted spot in the annals of history, Vasai is a popular tourist destination that makes for a perfect one-day getaway- be it for your pre-wedding photoshoot or just for a casual outing. We suggest you either reach during early morning hours to see the sunrise or stay till sunset, for such beautiful views will give you an experience of a lifetime. Also, don't forget to spot the shoot locations for Coldplay's Hymn of the Weekend video!

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

Location: Killa Road, Police Colony, Vasai-Virar

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