Want a DIY of the satisfying acrylic pour, this workshop in Mumbai will teach you how!

Want a DIY of the satisfying acrylic pour, this workshop in Mumbai will teach you how!

Who could ever say no to a heartfull of paint pouring and GLITTER!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Who can honestly say that they haven't fallen down the "satisfying video" rabbit hole where all yo can do for hours is watch people pour layers and layers of paint. These geode pour painting have taken the internet by storm and every time we come across one, we imagine how satisfying would it be to do all the pouring ourselves.

If you're looking for the ultimate DIY pour painting tutorial, this "Geode fluid art on wood" workshop in Mumbai is where you need to be.

The satisfaction quotient is quite high

When speaking of satisfying/memerising videos on the internet, these pour painting and textured painting videos will have to top the charts. The rhythmic paint pouring and layering, interest most people because they form intricate patterns which satisfy the part of our brain which seeks out patterns and recognises them, also known as the cognitive process.

If that is too much science for the day, just understand this, humans seek patterns in everyday objects and these patterns satisfy the primitive need of humans to put everything in order. Plus, the colours are pretty to look at, while the glitter adds a lot of texture to the whole mix.

Not only will you do some satisfying paint pouring but also create a beautiful geode that looks something similar to this-

Want a DIY of the satisfying acrylic pour, this workshop in Mumbai will teach you how!

Glitter, paint and a wooden panel

The workshop will teach you how to do paint pouring in a way it makes for the most beautiful geode. Geodes themselves are naturally existing rock formations which contain shiny crystals. These are overlaid with beautiful patterns and stunning colours, making them a sight to behold.

All you'll have to do is follow the instructions, pour paint on your wooden panel and then take the beauty home too!

Plus you get to dirty you hands in paint (if you're looking forward to the kind of fun)!

Knock Knock

This workshop is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people, looking to create some fun art, what a wonderful use of an afternoon. The cost of registering for the workshop will include all that you'd need for the workshop, so you won't have to carry anything at all to the place!

Date: Sunday, September 8th

Timing: 3:30 PM

Registration: ₹1850 onwards |Click here to register

Address: Next to Sukho Thai, Kilachand Garden, Ground Floor, Loyalka Compound, Dadi Seth Lane, 1, Walkeshwar Rd, Mumbai