Western Railway has launched ‘Uttam Rake’ for the ladies & our local train just got a new look

Western Railway has launched ‘Uttam Rake’ for the ladies & our local train just got a new look

Uttam Rake is the first non-air-conditioned local train, to have CCTVs installed in all of its coaches. Previously, it was for ‘ladies’ compartments’ only.

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Mumbai has been a hotbed of developmental activities in recent times and amidst new schemes and beneficial offerings, ‘Uttam Rake’ is the latest addition.

In an attempt to refurbish its amenities, the Western Railway has instigated the Uttam Rake in Mumbai, on the 5th of November, on the occasion of its 69th year. Focused on making commute convenient for women, this ‘rake’ comes as a fresh sight, in terms of travelling in a local train.

With a lineup of advanced features and facilities, here’s why the Uttam Rake has gained momentum in Mumbai, already!

Western Railway has launched ‘Uttam Rake’ for the ladies & our local train just got a new look

Uttam Rake; Details!

The ‘Uttam Rake’ is an all-new women-centric train introduced by the Railway authorities and it’s changing the definition of ‘Mumbai Local’ altogether.

It will run as a ‘ladies special train’ between Churchgate and Virar and the rake has features like emergency push-buttons, upgraded seating with backrest, CCTVs and grab-handles. Interestingly, they have also kept the environment in mind so you’ll witness latest Brushless DC (BLDC) fans in all coaches which consume 30% less energy than conventional fans. Regular bulbs have been replaced with provisions of modular type diffused LED lights, too

Uttam Rake also comes with improved dual lock stoppers and you will even spot posters about Western Railway’s journey since inception till date. Various landmarks of Mumbai, quotes to keep you motivated and pictures of iconic women achievers will also be a part of your journey on this train.

Our current Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal also tweeted saying-

According to reports by Mumbai Mirror, Ravinder Bhakar, the chief public relations officer of WR stated, “We are introducing the Uttam Rake with improved exteriors and advanced features on an experimental basis. Further planning will depend on the feedback received from commuters.” He further added that from the 6th of November, the Uttam Rake will be running up-down 10 times a day!

Knock Knock

With such features, this ride is bound to be a smoother one than the usual travel but keeping in mind the rushing crowds, automatic doors should’ve been on the list too.

Western Railway caters to approximately 36 lakh passengers a day and we’re hoping that this move will be a pushing factor to make women change their transport preferences.