New flights from Delhi's IGI T3 will make travelling from the airport a huge hassle

If you've been travelling by air and boarding your flights from IGIA's Terminal 3, then you would know just how much of a pain that is. The queues are maddening and often, without much leeway for checking in and security checks, people tend to miss their flights.

Well, if you thought that was bad, then think again because for the coming few weeks, matters are going to be worse. Today, we take a look at what spurred this detrimental change at Terminal 3 and what measures could be taken to make matters better.

What's the update?

First, one must understand that prior to the introduction of new flights from Terminal 3, the airport was barely scraping by. The queues were long, but manageable, just like everything else.

Now, after the introduction of over a thousand flights, matters are unlike ever before. In just a year, the passenger footfall of the airport itself has risen by 4000, bringing the total number of passengers on any given day to around 16,000. This spike in ridership can be alluded to the fact that airline tickets have become cheaper and more people can afford them.

Why the change?

This begs the question why is that just T3 is undergoing such a drastic change? Well, as things are right now, the plan is to have as many flights landing and departing from T3, and eventually get rid of T1 entirely. Owing to this, T1 is almost mostly empty, save for a few odd occasions.

The flights that have been added to T3 are mainly Spice-jet and Indigo flights. T1 was predominantly helming the operations of domestic flights, but now, there are plans to completely revamp IGI airport, which is why everything is being shifted to one complex.

Knock Knock

Frequent flyers from Delhi are in for a massive stretch of long and inconvenient flights. Earlier, the idea was that flights are much better than trains, but with such long check ins and security checks taking the front seat, we feel that the IGI authorities need to buck up and do something to change this trend.

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