Ever since the inception of the Indian film industry, movies have become a vital part of Indians’ lives and with each new movie, the industry, along with the audience grows many fold. Over the course of time, the industry has produced fan favourites that people just can’t get enough of. One such personality is Ajay Devgn, who has been in the acting scene since 1991 and has worked tirelessly to achieve the fame and respect he enjoys now.

Today, on his birthday, we celebrate his legacy by looking at some of his most memorable films and charismatic characters to date. Though choosing the best of his over 100 films will be a hard task, we give it a try.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh

In this legendary biopic with an IMDb rating of 8.1, Ajay Devgn was at his peak performance. He played the role of the legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and through his representation of the freedom fighter, he evoked feelings of nationality and pride in our history. He lent a voice and a face to an already powerful historical figure and his portrayal had us all rooting for the young revolutionary who raised an armed resistance against the British rule in India.


In this one of a kind action, drama film adapted from the famous Shakespeare play, Othello, Ajay Devgn delivered perhaps his best performance till date. In the film, he donned the role of a political influencer and the leader of a gang. His portrayal of Omi, the character had us all terrorized and in fact, even became one of his most recognizable avatars. Apart from that, the film was a huge success not only in India, but in the international film scene as well. There is yet to be another performance by Devgn of this paramount standard.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Once again taking the role of a gangster, Devgn paints the truest picture of the organized underground crime ring in Mumbai. Showcasing the 70’s, Ajay Devgn does a great job of striking fear into the audience’s heart and thereby making his act even more believable. His depiction of a smuggler in the era of rock and roll is immaculate to the core and makes us all marvel at his cinematic genius.


The fan favorite of the lot, Singham was an instant hit with the masses and the average Indian audience. It offers the perfect blend of comedy with action, making for a fun packed movie catering to everyone. The plot of the film has him decked up as a righteous police officer who’s main goal is to teach politicians and corrupt government officers a lesson, thereby making for a social message that resonates in each of our hearts. The character of Singham, however, is what fans wish for even more and he made a cameo in the recent film, Simbaa, also along similar lines.


Taking on a more different role in this film, Devgn is a simple family man who wishes to protect his loved ones from the dark side of the law. He goes to extreme measures and truly encapsulates the pain, suffering and misery of one who has to save their family from the ills of the so called judiciary system. At it’s core, the movie is the truest depiction of someone who has has been let down by the nation.

This list barely covers the surface of what Ajay Devgn has achieved in the past and along his illustrious career in Bollywood. At any rate, he is still very much shaping the future of the industry and never ceases us to amaze us. That said, it is time to raise your glasses and toast the one and only Ajay Devgn.

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