Finding a good breakfast place which serves all the delicious grub we want to put in our belly, is affordable and has a great vibe is often a mammoth task. With cafes dotting the city that serve unhealthy junk and call it breakfast, for a clean-eater or a so-called ‘health-freak’ the number of options are quite restrictive. So if you’re someone who is on a diet, likes to eat clean, needs to stay away from gluten or is simply looking to have a nourishing breakfast, Mad’Ouk-Magic in the Making, in C Scheme is the perfect place.

Mad’Ouk is a wonderful health forward cafe which does a ton of great healthy dishes, which look and taste amazing, in affordable prices. The cafe caters to those who care about the food they put into their bodies and are aware of the effects it’s going to have.

The cafe has a simple and relaxed vibe, the interiors are quite open and pleasant. They have an outdoor seating area with an open patio, so if you’re the kind of person who likes the warmth of sun on their faces, eating out here will be a charm for you. Other than the great food, the restaurant also has a section of health goodies, supplements, and nutritious snacks which you can buy off the shelf.

The menu here is swarmed with dishes, local and global, which focus on flavours as well as balancing what goes into your stomach. The cafe makes amazing food, which is good for your health and uncompromising on taste.

From various preparation of eggs, full breakfast meal with scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, fresh fruit, multigrain bread and a smoothie, or a simple soft scrambled egg pesto, they have a wide range of options for egg lovers. They even have diabetic friendly meals, local specialities like the besan cheela and the breakfast staple- French Toast.

They even have waffles and pancakes, made with multigrains, oats, and served with organic honey instead of simple syrup or elaborate yet heavy sauces. The even have all day power bowls which are a combination of fruits, dried nuts and oats. You would also find infused water, a ton of vegan friendly options and a calorie, fat, protein and fibre count attached to each dish.

So the next time you think f heading out for a delicious, nutritious and healthy breakfast, head to Mad’Ouk-Magic in the making.

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Munick Delivery Menu Online.pdf

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