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Satisfy your monsoon cravings as you order food from THESE 7 places in Lucknow today!

Order food from these 7 places and satisfy your rainy day cravings.

The arrival of rains in Lucknow has lulled us all under the spell of the rainy season, intensifying our cravings for a hearty and warm snack, more than ever. If you too are craving a little something extra than the usual combo of garam chai and pakode to reel in this enchanting weather, then we've got your back. So move over your regular snacks and get your favourites delivered right at your doorstep from any or ALLL of these 7 places in Lucknow!

'Soul food' Soup from Chung Fa Restaurant

A bowl of piping hot soup on a rainy day is nothing short of soul food and if you are not a tea or coffee person, then this is just the remedy to cast away the cool monsoon jitters. The Chung Fa Restaurant in Mahanagar excels in concocting just the perfect oriental kick, setting you on a trail of foody salvation.

Maggi mania from Food 'O Clock

Nothing gels better than the sound of pattering rains and slurping noodles and if you agree with us, then Food 'O Clock has got to be your preference today. This place serves 7 kinds of Maggi preps, packing in your favourite flavours with the zing of the original noodles. Get your forks out and order their special rendition of cheese and masala today!

 The universal favourite samosa from Sharma ji ki Chai 

If the thought of diced potatoes tossed in a delectable mix of Indian spices, nestled in a deep-fried pastry gets you drooling, then get yourself the 'certified samosa lover' tag right away! This one snack has been a universal favourite in all our households and its craving mounts especially on a rainy day. Order your dose of happiness of Sharma ji ki Chai and call it the perfect snack for a perfect day.

A heavenly load of fries from The Roast Avenue

Potatoes and humankind is a love story that no one can beat and we are sure that fries are just the right protagonists! Be it the piquant Piri Piri fries, the classic salted ones or the wholesome loaded bowl, fries can never go wrong. So grab your phones and get set to order these instant mood lifters from The Roast Avenue.

Steaming hot momos from Dine Out City

A street snack that needs no introduction, if a warm plate of momos make you go 'wanton' as well, then getting one for yourself from Dine Out City might just be the highlight of this monsoon day. DOC not only blends in the right flavours but it also ensures well-sealed food packets and cutlery, that speak of absolute hygiene. The food is warm, fresh and absolutely delectable when it reaches you, so get set ordering right away.


'​Garma garam' khasta kachori from Rattilal's

Khasta kachori with a side of matar and masala aalu, sounds like a full meal doesn't it? A full package order from Rattilal can deliver this heavenly goodness to your doorstep and if that does not sound like a deal, nothing ever will! Taste the vibrancy of multiple flavours as you get your hands on these and relish the authenticity of the Lakhnawi savour, with each bite.

A cheesy pizza & pasta affair from Piccante

If pizzas and pastas are listed as your eternal love, then Piccante is no less than Cupid for you. With an elaborate range of pizzas that go from classic to exotic, you get a chance to indulge in a cheesy affair with toppings, that will make you crave for more, bite after bite! Do not forget to add the side of its rich and saucy pastas to experience the rainy showers, amid an Italian vibe.

Knock Knock

Why exhaust yourself in the kitchen when you can pass over the cooking duties to these places? So enjoy the first showers of monsoon and relish the deliciousness of the delivered delights, packed with supreme safety standards. BTW your orders might run late due to unexpected showers and waterlogging. So make sure you sit tight as you wait for the grubs to reach you!

Fighting against hunger, THESE 5 NGOs are a silver lining for the needy in Lucknow!

This World Food Day, get to know about these 5 NGOs fighting against hunger in Lucknow

There is an abundance of food-delivery apps in the market today that have managed to reduce the gap between your homes and restaurants. However, there is no such modern solution to bridge the long-prevailing gap between a one-time meal and the underprivileged. No matter how developed any city in India is today, the issue of hunger is a prominent one everywhere, and Lucknow is no exception.

But keeping intact our faith in humanity, are certain groups and individuals who're working round the clock to ensure that each day, the number of people going to sleep hungry, reduces significantly. This World Food Day, get to know about 5 NGOs working towards this cause and provide them with your support however you can. A little help goes a long way!

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation spread across India that operates a school lunch programme (Mid-Day meal). Established in the year 2000, the aim of this organisation is to counter classroom hunger and aid in the education of children. Reportedly, it feeds more than 18 lakh children every day, across the country. With its presence in several cities including Lucknow, the Akshaya Patra Foundation also worked to distribute food among the migrant workers during the COVID crisis last year. Donate to this noble cause by clicking on the website link attached below.

Contact: 097924 48359

Website: The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based organisation that was established in 2014 by Neel Ghose and Arushi Batra. This establishment works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community, to serve less fortunate people. The idea behind the conception of this NGO is to create self-sustained chapters across the world, that will look after its local community. Like all the other chapters, Lucknow Chapter of this volunteer-based organisation conducts various drives across the city. If you wish to become a part of this group log on to their official website now!

Contact: Send a mail on

Website: The Robin Hood Army

Roti Bank

Roti Bank is a citizen led organisation who's primary aim is to provide food to the needy. To attain this goal, Roti Bank has a team spread across the country including a bunch in Lucknow that is purely dedicated to the cause. Roti bank collects left-over and excess food from homes and events and distributes it among the needy. One can donate in cash or kind or even volunteer to become a part of this thoughtful initiative. Click on the website link to know more about this organisation.

Contact: 7905881802

Website: Roti bank Lucknow

Vijay Sri Foundation

Vijay Sri Foundation is a non-government organization, that was launched in the year 2009 in Lucknow. The main objective of this organisation was the distribution of food to the needy poor in hospitals. Initially, home-cooked food packets were distributed among attendants of poor patients admitted in various wards of Lucknow's King George Medical College. Gradually, the operations grew to other hospitals in the city as well. Currently, around 900 patients are served food everyday, under its "Prasadam Sewa" campaign. To join their team or contribute monetarily, log on to their official website.

Contact: 099358 88887

Website: Prasadam Sewa

Feeding India

Found in the year 2014, Feeding India was formed to solve the complex challenges of food wastage, malnutrition and hunger in India. As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Zomato acquired this organisation in 2019 to deal with these issues. With its presence in Lucknow, Feeding India by Zomato designs interventions to decrease hunger among the communities that are underserved. If you wish to donate or know more about this organisation check out their official website.

Contact: Write to them here

Website: Feeding India

Knock Knock

Even though these organisations are working hard to improve the situation, it is upon all of us to make sure that we don't waste food and do whatever we can to help and feed the poor. To fight and beat the global problem of hunger, a collective effort is a must!

Students below the age of 18 allowed to travel in Mumbai local trains

Reportedly, all services accessible for fully-vaccinated citizens are now allowed to those under 18 & to those who can't take the jab due to medical reasons.

Ushering in relief for students, the Government of Maharashtra has decided to let students under the age of 18 avail of various services in the state. As per the order issued on Thursday, students that are not eligible for vaccination will now be allowed to travel on the local trains. Apart from this, access to other facilities like entry into malls, multiplexes, temples (in certain districts), auditoriums, restaurants and wedding halls have also been granted to those who cannot take the COVID-19 vaccine yet.

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41 districts in Uttar Pradesh declared COVID free

Reportedly, none of the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh have recorded daily COVID cases in double-digits, lately

UP seems to be on a path to recovery, with 41 districts reported as COVID-free. Reportedly, none of the 75 districts in the state have recorded daily COVID cases in double-digits lately, suggesting a downward trajectory of this viral disease in the state. Owing to proactive initiatives like the aggressive 'Trace, Test & Treat', the state's positivity rate has dropped down to 0% in the last week, as per the official data.

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Industries in UP to use Japanese Miyawaki method of afforestation to offset carbon emissions

Reportedly, strict action will be taken against those who fail to comply with this order.

In a bid to reduce the carbon footprint in the state and counterbalance the industrial carbon emissions, the government of Uttar Pradesh has directed all the industries present across the state, to adopt the Japanese Miyawaki afforestation technique. As per the order issued on Wednesday, strict action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the order including revoking of industry's license to operate.

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​Launch of the Mumbai flight from new Sindhudurg Airport paves way for rapid development!

Now, the beaches of Ganapatipule are just 85 minutes from Mumbai.

The launch of the Sindhudurg Airport and a flight service from Mumbai, is a milestone development that has brought the two cities closer to each other. Launched as the maiden service under the RCS-UDAN scheme, the flight will be operated by Alliance Air company, read reports. The 72-seater flight covers the 530-KM distance between the two cities in just 85 minutes.

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NITI Aayog hails Indore as the benchmark model for plastic waste management in India

NITI Aayog has issued a 'Sustainable Urban Plastic Waste Management' to amplify city-level garbage management.

Known as the cleanest city in India, Indore has now been hailed as the benchmark model for plastic waste management in the country by the NITI Aayog. As per reports, the city's innovative garbage management concept not only reduces plastic waste but also recycles it for construction projects, promoting the ideas of sustainable development among 2 million people. The module also favours the set up of economical ways to tackle waste management and to ensure an independent system to run its activities.

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Head to the Khadi Exhibition happening in Charbagh & shop from a wide variety of swadeshi items!

Last day to get your hands on some home-grown products at affordable rates!

In order to promote the use and sale of swadeshi, the Khadi Gram Udyog Committee has set up an exclusive Khadi exhibition in Lucknow. Being hosted at the Bal Sangrahalay in Charbagh, this expo showcases a range of Khadi products, including clothes, shoes, purses and much more. Today is the last day of the exhibition, so if you haven't visited it yet, make sure you do now!

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