Rajasthan is a beautiful state. The culture is vibrant, the cities colourful and the food, one of a kind. If you’ve been wanting to visit the state and haven’t had the time or the resources to do so, you can now experience all that the state has to offer right here in Pune.

‘Chokhi Dhani’ in Pune is all about the rural Rajasthani culture, the food, the people and the art. Vibrant and alive, Chokhi Dhani is almost like a trailer to all the gems that Rajasthan has in store for you and it is an experience worth having!

The vibe

Spread across an expansive property of 7 acres, Chokhi Dhani can be best described as a “Rajasthan theme park”; yet, it is a lot more than that.

Chokhi Dhani is an experience center, a place where you can find small, intricately painted mud huts and beautifully designed sculptures. You will also spot women dressed in traditional costumes, earthen pots on their heads, doing ‘Garba’ and bands singing folk songs.

With an aim to preserve and encourage the village art, they apparently have 77 activities that are entertaining too and that you can partake in to enrich your experience and fall in love with the rural Rajasthan.

For the Tastebuds

Chokhi Dhani serves Rajasthani traditional food; you’ll find yourself tasting bajre ki roti, gatte ki sabzi, kadhi, dal-bati, choorma, jalebi, khichda, malpua and more dishes that are like insignia of the state.

Knock Knock

The place may seem like a little touristy, but we would highly recommend visiting the place as a one-day getaway or a picnic. You can spend your day experiencing the colourful scenes, looking at the beautiful wall paintings and eating a hearty regional meal.

Cost: ₹450 for kids and ₹750 for adults.

Location: Nagar Highway, Wagholi, Chokhi Dhani, Pune

All of us have so many documents that prove our identity. We have an Aadhar card, a passport, PAN card, driving licence and so on. Imagine a Utopian world where you had only one ID to rule them all. Sounds like the perfect reality, doesn't it? Well, soon, India could adopt this policy of having just one ID card that serves all purposes.

What's the update?

With the 2021 national census creeping up slowly, there are plans to do away with the tedious, age-old pen and paper style. Owing to this, the authorities are making plans for One card that integrates all details of an Indian.

The national census in 2021 will be the biggest one ever in the history of the world and the government is cautious enough to not take any chances. At the same time, they are planning to introduce new cards for everyone, which in itself is a major hurdle to get across.

India is the world's second most populated country

What issues will be faced?

For one, stations where one can get this card made will have to be set up. Considering the population of India, that is not an easy task. Apart from that, there is also the issue of explaining it to the uneducated class of people, which make up about 36% of the entire population.

As for the cards themselves, they will have some major plus points. They will eliminate the need for you to carry around a bunch of documents, solely for the purpose of proving your identity. Since one card will be utilized for everything, it should help streamline a lot of processes regarding administration.

What other plans?

Along with the new cards, it is also proposed that the entire census 2021 take place using a mobile app. This is something that also has similar problems like the other proposed idea.

Though a majority of Indians have smartphones these days, the task of explaining and monitoring the entire process will be a chore. In addition to that, making the app as simple as possible is also something that will take a long time.

Knock Knock

If this ambitious plan comes to fruition, it will be one of the best things to happen to the nation. A step towards a more developed and technologically progressive nation is one that we welcome with open arms.

We humans start grumbling the second we find out that we gotta eat the lauki ki sabzi we had for lunch two days back for dinner too! We start craving for variations in our plates and the same ol’ meals knock out our desire to eat heartily and that’s when the food delivery apps become our safe haven.

Just like us, even our mutts get sick and tired of their Pedigree servings and dahi-chawal but we don’t hear ‘em complaining! But they do deserve newness too and we being their parent, should take care of their palate needs while keeping their health as a priority.

It’s already difficult to decide what to feed someone who does not speak and snacks on socks for time-pass but we’ve chanced upon an online kitchen which heeds to the needs of your fur-baby.

Bow Wow Chow, initiated by pet chef Shweta Rao, is an online kitchen and delivery service in Pune which serves home-cooked healthy food for your pets and it’s unlike any other in the city.

They customize meals for your fur-mily and you can take your pick from their veg, chicken and mutton meal options! If your baby has any special requirements, they’ll even take care of it and you’ll be bookmarking them, for your pet’s fine-dine times.

For the tucks, they refrain from using artificial colouring or preservatives and keeping the health of your precious canines in mind, their products are gluten and sugar free. Go for the Assorted Chicken Bikkis, Bow Wow Chow Veggies Dabbas and oh!, the Chicken and Pumpkin Quiche is also a major favourite. The Raspberry muffins are also tail-wags approved and the Fruit Cupcakes aren’t to be missed.

What we’re saying is-

Be it your doggo’s birthday or a pet meet-up, Bow Wow Chow will take care of the grubs which can be relished by these four-legged attention seekers! We’re sure it’ll make ‘em drool some more and you’ll see the doggos and cattos lick their bowls clean.

P.S. They also offer deals on monthly and yearly subscriptions so you can subscribe to their programs to avail their paw--some services!

How many times does it happen that you order something on Amazon, pay extra for fast shipping and the order still arrives days later! Your order arriving late in a restaurant is the second most annoying thing, the first being late deliveries by e-commerce websites.

However, the problem has gone down the drain and the city will soon get deliveries in a day.

How? Well, Amazon just opened a huge delivery station in the city and the news is that it is the biggest in India!

What’s the update?

Amazon inaugurated its 40,000 square-feet delivery station in Pune on Thursday. According to reports, the station was opened with an aim to provide faster deliveries and better connectivity in Pune and the nearby areas.

The delivery station is located in Hinjewadi and hopes to extend Amazon India’s delivery network across Shiral, Lonar, Tuljapur, Kolad, Sangameshwar, Igatipuri and Shegaon in Maharashtra.

Image used for representation purpose only

With this delivery station and several much smaller ones, Amazon hopes to penetrate the smaller towns and the remote districts in Maharashtra.

What does this mean?

Simply put, the inauguration of a delivery station of this magnitude means faster deliveries for Pune. Yes, we mean next day Prime!

The delivery station would also ensure quicker pick-ups, faster returns and an overall better experience for those living in and around Pune.

Knock Knock

With the new delivery station, now you wouldn’t have to wait eons for your product to arrive. It will also ensure that people in Pune have a more varied range of options when it comes to quick delivery via the e-commerce giant.

Who isn’t aware of the Indo-Canadian stand-up comic Russell Peters? The man is a legend in the world of comedy and is counted among the best stand-up comedians of the world. The funny guy is coming to Pune for his Deported world tour and if you’ve been looking for something wild, the show is just the thing for you!

After taking Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore by storm, Russell is back with his ‘Deported World Tour’ and this time he’ll be making Pune guffaw at his desi-yet-western brand of humour.

What’s the update?

Russell is coming back to the country for a second edition of his “Deported World Tour”. The comic legend will be performing in Pune this time, so get ready to hear his famous one liners such as:

“I’m not saying that if you were born without body hair, you are less of a man. That's the way God built you. Maybe he doesn't love you as much.

About Peters

"Indians are so dedicated for being so cheap for so long, that they actually created the number zero"

Russell is known for having punch liners like these and much more in his repertoire. After starting as a stand-up comedian at the age of 19, Russell Peters became a global sensation with his provocative, truthful and fresh brand of humour. The Indo-Canadian stand-up comic and entertainer is known for the biting jokes he makes on everyday sensitive issues. Be it his body hair, his weight or the political situation in India, the man can get away with anything and still leave you in splits.

He would be performing his newest special in Royal Palms on October 1st, so book your tickets now, if you haven’t already.

Ticket: 1,200 - 7,500 | Book your tickets here

Date: Tuesday, October 1

Timing: 8 PM onwards

Location: Royal Palms, Pune

Finding something good to do during the weekend is a difficult task, the regular mix of options at hand making us waste our weekends over average food and monotonous outings. If you’re constantly on the lookout for something special to do with your significant other or the “gang”, what is better than gliding your hands over a blank canvas and bringing it to life?

LOFT in Pune keeps bringing engaging workshops to town where you can plan something better for your weekend than just ‘eating’. ‘Up Up and Away!’ is the newest workshop by ‘Loft in Art’ and this time they are asking you to use God-made instruments - your bare fingers.

Image used for representation purpose only

Let’s be kids again and colour with our hands!

Who doesn’t remember being a tiny person and painting not just the colour-book but also the walls, the bed-sheet and often your face. The workshop will take you back to the fun time and let you relive some of your fondest memories. With a happy picture to paint, vibrant colours to dip your fingers in and play with, we are sure you will not find a better way to spend your weekend.

If you do decide to attend the workshop with that special someone, who’s to say that the romance won’t start bubbling on the surface as you both shed the inhibitions and become more carefree.

Image used for representation purpose only

Up, Up & Away!

We all remember that scene from the movie ‘Up’ where the house with a thousand balloons starts flying only to land at one of the most picturesque of places. The scene that you’d be painting is similar- a hill-top, a valley of flowers, a cloud-smeared sky and a lone figure holding up a ton of balloons.

Sounds absolutely stunning!

Knock Knock

In a time when ‘going out’ has been limited to hogging on food or getting drunk at a random party, the idea of hanging out while finger painting is absolutely genius. We would highly recommend attending the workshop with your partner or group of friends and spending a colourful time.

Date: Saturday, August 31

Time: 4 pm onwards

Tickets: ₹1299 | Book your tickets here

Venue: Loft, A - 0020, Ground Floor, Marvel Edge Opposite Tulip Neco Garden, Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune

Pune, are you ready to laugh out the sadness from your life? Are you feeling low because it seems like no one understands you? If your answer happens to be yes, then get ready for a Shak Attack!

Now that we have your curiosity, let us elaborate. Shak Attack is a really special comedy show in Pune that's coming your way to make you laugh, smile and leave the troubles behind- at least for a while.

What's happening?

Shak Attack is going to be an attack of jokes that have no themes, but are just there! Ashish Shakya is pushing the boundaries of what a conventional comedy show can be and is changing the game altogether.

With no theme to follow, he's free to express himself any way he wants, and one thing is for certain- it will have you rolling on the floor in no time.

The randomness of it all just captivates you and you're really eager to know what he's going to throw at you next. We suggest that you go there without any expectations and just take the Shak Attack as it comes.

About Ashish Shakya

A youngster at heart and mind, he's out to capture his audience, give them relatable jokes and give them something to remember him by. Full of wit and panache, his quirky, jagged style of presentation is what makes him stand out from the crowd. In fact, he was also a part of AIB when they were at the top of their game.

Simply put, he wants to spread happiness through his jokes all around the world. Though that may be a bit too much to ask, he's certainly got us smiling and we're not going to pass up an opportunity to watch him live in action here in Pune.

When: August 31, 2019

Where: Spade Comedy Club, Kogobo Resto Bar & Banquet, Baner

Book your tickets here.

Is your pet your forever date?

Someone (they’re no less than humans, even better actually) you’d take along for everything if possible- swimming, strolls, shopping or even coffee dates?

Then we have found the perfect place for you which not only is animal-friendly but is a stellar addition to Bavdhan’s fast growing culinary scenes. And if you’re into coffee too, this place is tailor-made for you!

Woof Woof!

The Fat Labrador Café’s facade is just like any other cafe but once you rest your eyes in an unhurried manner, you’d surely notice that the dog logo stands out from the crowd! Targeted towards those who want to spend some time with their pet while sipping on delish coffee, The Fat Labrador Café is all about simplicity and uniqueness.

Driven by the love of dogs and coffee, this cafe is dedicated to the owner’s Labra, 11yo Cookie, who clearly has one of the best dog-parents in the history of dog-parents!

For the Taste-buds!

Meant for folks looking for light snacking options, this cafe’s food and beverage menu is short and when they deliver, it’s absolutely to die for.

Masala Omelettes, Chicken Bowl, Pasta Alfredo and Bruschetta, are every foodie’s pick and you can wash it all down with their South Indian and Italian espresso blends which are a must-try! The Vietnamese-style iced coffee has also been under the spotlight for all the right reasons so if you’re tempted to order, we’d say, go for it!

BTW they have a menu for your pets too, so that you don’t have to worry about ‘em chewing on the wrong kinda grub. It is all craftily curated, keeping your pets’ health in mind. And if you’re planning on a birthday celebration for your mutt, this is the place to be.

For the Heart!

The interiors are simple. There is a blue wall dedicated to the photographs of people and their pets and if you have pictures with your fur-babies, they’d be more than happy to feature you there!

With an al fresco seating arrangement too, guests can eat with their pets outdoors and for further ease, there is also another dedicated area, where you can leave your pets under their supervision. They also have another rule- any pet that accompanies its ‘parent’ will get a free treat and honestly, it can’t get any better!

What we’re saying is-

Be it a casual evening stroll or a Sunday morning outing with your pooch, drop by here for the best South-Indian style coffee and omlettes and if you’re not a pet-parent, come and say hello to the others.

Location: Shop 4 A, Business Square, Opposite DSK Ranwara, DSK Ranwara Road, Bavdhan, Pune

Timings: 9:30am – 10pm

Cost: ₹600 for two people (approx.)

Looking for an exciting excursion from Pune, where you can have fun and still be able to reach work on time and take care of other responsibilities, the next day?

A day full of exciting activities including boating, live barbecue and an overnight camping trip?

The ‘Royal Camping and Boating’ campsite near Pavana Lake in Lonavala is the place where you need to be, to have a short yet amazing adventure!

About the excursion

At the Royal Camping & Boating campsite, beside Pavana lake, is one of the most loved camping and picnic spot in Lonavala. The spot is especially popular for people who are looking for an escape in the lap of nature.

The campsite is surrounded by hills and forts of Maval, so you will have the option to lounge at the camp or head for interesting activities including a ton of outdoor games, swimming, trekking, paragliding and paddle boating!

Once you check-in at the campsite at about 4 PM, you can take part in the activities included in the registration fee. Tea and snack-time would start from 5 PM after which you can lounge at the camp, enjoy a lazy sunset and then the campsite comes to life just after! With live music from 7 PM, the barbecue grills start getting hot 8 PM onwards and to wrap up your day, dinner is served at 9.

The bonfire and bonfire activities begin from 10 PM and you will find yourself curling next to the fire on a pile of blankets while someone plays a melody on the guitar.

If you’ve a flare for adventure, you can go for the more outdoorsy activities including boating, paragliding and trekking. It is noteworthy, that these activities will be charged extra than the minimum ₹1600 given during registration.

If you choose to stay overnight at the campsite, you can lounge and enjoy a delicious breakfast at 8 AM and checkout by 11.

So what we’re saying is..

The campsite is great for people who are looking for a day to detoxify themselves. A day that can be spent leisurely staring at the lake, looking at the sunset, enjoying great food, music and the lush wild outdoors.

The registration fee includes unlimited breakfast, dinner, bonfire and overnight camping and for the broke yet adventurous, this is the perfect excursion!

Stating Date: 23 Aug onwards

Registration Fee: ₹1600 | Register here

Location: Pawanai Boating, Malvandi Road, Lonavala, Near Pavana Lake, Pune