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Here comes the festival of light, so let the celebrations begin! Perhaps the most widely celebrated and grandest of festivals in India, Diwali is finally here and its sparkles will soon alight our skies. As we gear up to rejoice in the spirit of Diwali, we thought of some things that could be taken care of this season. Though most of you would probably not need a reminder, we thought of making a kind of checklist lest you miss out on something.

1. Apne to Apne Hote Hain...

Any fun is incomplete without the people you want to share it with. In the current urbanized scenario, folks living away from families and their homes know what we are talking about. So take a break for your family this Diwali and enjoy the warmth of home sweet home amidst all the merrymaking.

2. Light ‘em Up!

The first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘Diwali’ is a sky lit by floating lanterns, bursting crackers, rockets and other light shows that emanate from numerous homes. It may be noisy but people deserve to break free for a few hours at least. So get the group together and let the works light up the horizon. Do take care of the little ones though; they can be a handful when it comes to both luminous and flammable objects, so make sure they are restricted or monitored accordingly.

3. Be A Millionaire Spender

Now that you’re gearing up for a grand occasion, make others feel the spirit too. Buying crackers is an integral part of this festival and we hope you get the best ones to your liking.

Do keep in mind though that the stall or new vendor you buy from gets just this one time a year to earn properly as this market caters mainly one product - crackers. So keeping his limitation in mind, feel free to let him make his profit this once at least. Let the bigger shops be at your mercy but with the smaller one, let him win the bargain-battle this time. In fact, it may be better to maximize his sales for he probably needs it more.

4. Let The Light Spread

Diwali is indeed the festival of light. We need everybody to realise the same, yet there are those who do not have even the basic light-bulbs to illuminate their homes, let alone festive and decor lighting. Be a kind soul and look out for such people. A fan, a bulb, a stove - these are basic amenities and you could be the one to help someone avail such a necessity.

It is a festival for us, it is a festival for all. The less fortunate cannot fulfil their fundamental needs, so a celebration for their kids is a far-fetched idea. We should look to endow some material, a few crackers or diyas, that make it a joyous time for them too.

5. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Food is as much a necessity as a luxury in our celebration. The sweet market goes berserk with activity, family, friends and relatives exchange sweets of many varieties and we aren’t complaining. Do grab your favorite barfi or peda or gulab jamun....we could list a lot more but space ain’t enough for all that there is. You get the drift - remember your favorite sweet and have lots of it; no one’s looking, everybody is busy with something or the other.

While at it, do share these with the ones who cannot have a stomach-full meal and can’t afford sweet delicacies. They will be grateful and you will enjoy the warmth it gives your heart.

Knock Knock...

Have fun, enjoy the long weekend and the festival but remember to also include all sections of society. For it is rightly said,”The more, the merrier”.

Happy Diwali folks!

This story has been written by our guest contributor

We humans start grumbling the second we find out that we gotta eat the lauki ki sabzi we had for lunch two days back for dinner too! We start craving for variations in our plates and the same ol’ meals knock out our desire to eat heartily and that’s when the food delivery apps become our safe haven.

Just like us, even our mutts get sick and tired of their Pedigree servings and dahi-chawal but we don’t hear ‘em complaining! But they do deserve newness too and we being their parent, should take care of their palate needs while keeping their health as a priority.

It’s already difficult to decide what to feed someone who does not speak and snacks on socks for time-pass but we’ve chanced upon an online kitchen which heeds to the needs of your fur-baby.

Bow Wow Chow, initiated by pet chef Shweta Rao, is an online kitchen and delivery service in Pune which serves home-cooked healthy food for your pets and it’s unlike any other in the city.

They customize meals for your fur-mily and you can take your pick from their veg, chicken and mutton meal options! If your baby has any special requirements, they’ll even take care of it and you’ll be bookmarking them, for your pet’s fine-dine times.

For the tucks, they refrain from using artificial colouring or preservatives and keeping the health of your precious canines in mind, their products are gluten and sugar free. Go for the Assorted Chicken Bikkis, Bow Wow Chow Veggies Dabbas and oh!, the Chicken and Pumpkin Quiche is also a major favourite. The Raspberry muffins are also tail-wags approved and the Fruit Cupcakes aren’t to be missed.

What we’re saying is-

Be it your doggo’s birthday or a pet meet-up, Bow Wow Chow will take care of the grubs which can be relished by these four-legged attention seekers! We’re sure it’ll make ‘em drool some more and you’ll see the doggos and cattos lick their bowls clean.

P.S. They also offer deals on monthly and yearly subscriptions so you can subscribe to their programs to avail their paw--some services!

Shaniwar Wada in Pune is one of the biggest tourist attractions. The giant fort which now lies in ruins was once the seat of mighty Peshwa rulers. The fort has stood the test of time and its charm, its beauty are unmatched, even today. ‘Shaniwar Wada’ the name itself means a ‘Saturday residence’ and was supposed to signify a residential complex which not only exuded luxury but also encapsulated comfort and ease.

The foundations of Shaniwar Wada were laid down by the mightiest Peshwa of the time Peshwa Baji Rao I on a Saturday, hence the name. The fort speaks of the justice, the might and the love that the Peshwas ruled with. In fact, it also envelops an experience that is a must have for anyone who loves history, architecture and or simply the stories related to it.

The Power Play

It is a known fact that during the time of Peshwa Baji Rao I’s reign, the Pune seat was the strongest, even the Sahu (king) respected and feared the Peshwa’s passion and his determination to win at any cost. It is believed the the Peshwa’s rise to power was significant enough to put the Sahu at unease. Which is why he was directed to stop the construction of Shaniwar Wada in stone. Since the fort was being constructed in stone, and only the Sahu could have a stone made palace, the rest of Shaniwar Wada except the first floors, was constructed using brick and wood.

Hence, when the British attacked the fort with artillery, everything but the first floor crumbled to pieces.

The Stunning Architecture

The Shaniwar Wada is a testament of fine architecture and craftsmanship which was popular in the times and to this day, it is a stunning example of the Hindu-Marathi architecture.

The fort spreads languishly over an expansive property which is dotted by five gateways- the Ganpati gate, the Mastani gate, the Dilli gate, the Khidki Darwaza and the Narayan gate, nine angled towers, lush gardens and a sixteen petal lotus shaped fountain which is made exquisitely with intricate designs. While the insides of the fort tell the tale of the strong connection which the Peshwas had with God, religion and tasteful craftsmanship.

The walls of the palace portray scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana while teak doorways with intricate carvings dot the fort complex, and stunning marble floors tell the tale of days when they were covered with luxurious Persian rugs.

The complex that lies in ruin today, was once a marvel which was considered impenetrable, the stories of betrayal surround the Shaniwar Wada and haunted or not, the fort is a must visit for people who want to witness the grandeur themselves.

Art is often perceived as something only a few can do, a talent that is either present or unpresent. Painting is considered to be something that comes with experience. Yet, art is therapeutic, brushing paints on a blank canvas looking at colours take form, seeing shapes materialize in front of your eyes is considered to be a relaxing activity that even a novice can take part in.

Often we get tired of the loud noises and people breathing down our backs. With our lives seemingly spinning out of control we search for a small escape away from the hustle-bustle, a corner to unwind at. ‘Loft in Art’ is bringing a knife painting workshop to Pune, where you can let the colours do all the talking and find the solace you’ve searching for.

Called ‘A Walk To Remember’, this knife painting workshop will whisk you away to a quiet road, a surreal destination. ‘Loft in Art’ will take you down a stunning road of red autumn blossoms and cherry trees, an unkempt path on a windy day. The scenery itself is calling to us and we cannot wait to forget to jump head-first into our artistic side and paint away towards a relaxing time.

The best part about the workshop is that they don’t require any prior experience in painting. The entire session will be a guided where you’ll get to learn about basic strokes, knife painting, sketching as well as the techniques required to help you get in touch with your inner artist.

Plus, you don’t have to carry anything with yourselfs, all the supplies required will be provided by the art studio AND after the calming session you’d get to take the painting home. Yay!

All you have to do is register for the class and book our session; rest will be taken care of by Loft.

Date: Sat 10th Aug at 04:00 PM

Registration fee: ₹1299 | Book your session here.

Location: Loft- A-0020, Ground Floor, Marvel Edge Opposite Tulip Neco Garden, Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. The day dedicated to the love-hate relationship we have with our brothers comes for a day and is filled with laughter, merriment, gifts and warmth. We wait for the festival all year long and when it finally comes, we need rakhis that can fit into our expectations. Even though the stalls in the markets are full of beautiful, colourful rakhis, they do not entirely have the kind of products and the minamilistic rakhis, millennials look for.

So what does our millennial heart want? A rakhi that is as cute or as quirky as our brother, something that captures the essence of our relationship without giving away too much. Thankfully, these Instagram accounts are delivering the best rakhi designs we’ve come across and if you’re looking to gift your brother something that matches his spirit, check these accounts now!


This gram is all about cute and quirk! If you’re the kind who is looking for a rakhi which will stand out from the crowd and speak directly to your brother without you saying much, well this is the account you need to check. From “You’re my ATM” to “Bhukkhad Bro” they have it all.

Check out their handle here.


This wonderful account creates some of the most simple yet wearable rakhis you’ll find out there. If you have a brother who likes to wear his rakhis for as long as he possibly can, these will do you good. Made from natural fibres and simple in design, these rakhis can be worn for as long as your stubborn brother wants.

Check out their handle here.


Looking to send a message across with your rakhi? Tipsyfly does personalised rakhis as well as ones with quirky messages written on them. The “second favourite child”, “you’re adopted” and “you were an accident” are our favourite ones!

Checkout their handle here.

Brio Art House

Another great IG account. Brio Art House is an environment-friendly company which does amazing handcrafted eco-friendly products. If you have a brother who is environment conscious or if you want a rakhi which is made with natural substances this the place to look. Handcrafted by women artisans these rakhi are about as natural as can be.

Checkout their handle here.


Another gem of an IG handle that does cutesy personalised rakhis, at PropShop24 you can find great rakhi options. These people will not only help you with the rakhis but you will also find great gift ideas here. PropShop24 has some of the most simple yet cute rakhis, so if you are looking for those, checkout this handle.

Checkout their handle here.

Go check out these handles and find your partner in crime the rakhi which suits him best. Get any one of these amazing handles and give your brother something more than just a thread!

We thought we had seen it all but clearly, we haven’t!

Taking the concept of a food-truck into the fashion world, behold a ‘fashion-truck’ here in Pune’s Baner-Balewadi road, near Madras Cafe, behind Medipoint Hospital. This retail truck is parked everyday between 5 pm - 10 pm but sometimes on the weekends, you might spot this vehicle either in KP or Baner or opposite Balewadi High Street.

Started by IIT-Kharagpur alumnus, Ravi Yadav, Fabulo is a concept of ‘fashion-on-wheels’ and this unique shopping experience is worth a visit! This truck sells clothing items for women which is providing us with immense convenience, by chance if we can’t make it to the malls on a lazy day and this place has an in-built trial room too.

For those who visit malls to buy a thing or two from the clothing lines but end up binge buying things they don’t need, this truck will keep you focused and that’s a money and time saver, for sure.

Coming to its fashion collection, Fabulo has divergent ranges of western and ethnic wear which are super-economical and are priced under ₹999- yaass! So if you’re looking to gift apparels or to purchase everyday wear but within a budget, Fabulo is where your search ends.

From chic summer dresses to traditional kurtis, you'll spot it all inside this truck and by chance if you come across an item which isn’t in your size, you just simply need to let the staff know. They’ll arrange for it within a week and this is one of the biggest advantages of this shop because in malls, if your size ain’t available, it simply goes out of stock. So Fabulo wouldn’t disappoint you with a ‘no’- they will take steps to arrange for it and it’s one of the reasons why we’re digging into this whole new concept of shopping.

Location: Baner-Balewadi road, near Madras Cafe, behind Medipoint Hospital

Timings: 5 pm and 10 pm, every day.

Contact: 9146140101 (Ravi Yadav)

Track ‘em here.