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All of us have so many documents that prove our identity. We have an Aadhar card, a passport, PAN card, driving licence and so on. Imagine a Utopian world where you had only one ID to rule them all. Sounds like the perfect reality, doesn't it? Well, soon, India could adopt this policy of having just one ID card that serves all purposes.

What's the update?

With the 2021 national census creeping up slowly, there are plans to do away with the tedious, age-old pen and paper style. Owing to this, the authorities are making plans for One card that integrates all details of an Indian.

The national census in 2021 will be the biggest one ever in the history of the world and the government is cautious enough to not take any chances. At the same time, they are planning to introduce new cards for everyone, which in itself is a major hurdle to get across.

India is the world's second most populated country

What issues will be faced?

For one, stations where one can get this card made will have to be set up. Considering the population of India, that is not an easy task. Apart from that, there is also the issue of explaining it to the uneducated class of people, which make up about 36% of the entire population.

As for the cards themselves, they will have some major plus points. They will eliminate the need for you to carry around a bunch of documents, solely for the purpose of proving your identity. Since one card will be utilized for everything, it should help streamline a lot of processes regarding administration.

What other plans?

Along with the new cards, it is also proposed that the entire census 2021 take place using a mobile app. This is something that also has similar problems like the other proposed idea.

Though a majority of Indians have smartphones these days, the task of explaining and monitoring the entire process will be a chore. In addition to that, making the app as simple as possible is also something that will take a long time.

Knock Knock

If this ambitious plan comes to fruition, it will be one of the best things to happen to the nation. A step towards a more developed and technologically progressive nation is one that we welcome with open arms.

How many times does it happen that you order something on Amazon, pay extra for fast shipping and the order still arrives days later! Your order arriving late in a restaurant is the second most annoying thing, the first being late deliveries by e-commerce websites.

However, the problem has gone down the drain and the city will soon get deliveries in a day.

How? Well, Amazon just opened a huge delivery station in the city and the news is that it is the biggest in India!

What’s the update?

Amazon inaugurated its 40,000 square-feet delivery station in Pune on Thursday. According to reports, the station was opened with an aim to provide faster deliveries and better connectivity in Pune and the nearby areas.

The delivery station is located in Hinjewadi and hopes to extend Amazon India’s delivery network across Shiral, Lonar, Tuljapur, Kolad, Sangameshwar, Igatipuri and Shegaon in Maharashtra.

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With this delivery station and several much smaller ones, Amazon hopes to penetrate the smaller towns and the remote districts in Maharashtra.

What does this mean?

Simply put, the inauguration of a delivery station of this magnitude means faster deliveries for Pune. Yes, we mean next day Prime!

The delivery station would also ensure quicker pick-ups, faster returns and an overall better experience for those living in and around Pune.

Knock Knock

With the new delivery station, now you wouldn’t have to wait eons for your product to arrive. It will also ensure that people in Pune have a more varied range of options when it comes to quick delivery via the e-commerce giant.

If you’re a history buff, a visit to Pune is incomplete without visiting the iconic Aga Khan Palace!

Established in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan III, this sprawling building was where Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent nationalist leaders were confined by the British, following Gandhi’s Quit India campaign in 1942! This place also bears the mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife and his secretary, Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai, who died in the premises of this palace turned prison. Their shrines containing their ashes have been laid in a quiet garden to the rear and the venue exudes peace like no other in the vicinity.

So who wouldn’t want to visit this peaceful sliver of history, located here at Kalyani Nagar? But if you’re planning on dropping in to bask in the historic vibes, we have some news for you!

What’s Buzzing?

Aga Khan Palace has shut down its operations till the 1st of October, as announced by The Archaeological Survey of India, for renovation purposes of the Gandhi Museum and the other parts of the building. The revamping as been planned in order to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of ‘Bapu’ on the 2nd of October.

The maintenance work includes an extensive paint job and new lights and to top it all, they’ll be installing an audio-visual set-up which will play the story of Mahatma Gandhi printing on khadi clothes.

There are personal items of Gandhi’s on display here at the museum like utensils, slippers, clothes, and letters and there are also old black and white photos of him, during the epic freedom movement in India. This palace also houses a Childrens’ Film Club, a library and also a training center for women.

Following the recent spell of rain and the resulting factors, trains between Pune and Mumbai had been put on hold. After 14 long and inconvenient days without the facility of trains between the two cities, the train services have finally been reopened. Here are all the details that you need to know.

What's the buzz?

After 14 days, the train services from Mumbai to Pune, that were halted due to heavy rains, landslides and breaks in train tracks, have finally opened once again. Residents of Mumbai now have much to look forward to as they no longer have to resort to expensive flights or time consuming buses.

Owing to the heavy rain spell, the tracks were either damaged or blocked, which in turn rendered them unusable. Now, the repair work has been complete and finally, the trains are operational once again.

Which trains are now operational?

After a long wait, the intercity trains Deccan Queen, Pragati Express, Deccan Express, Intercity Express and Indrayani Express are operational once again. These trains are some of the most crowded ones that ply between the two cities and when news of them becoming inoperable surfaced, Mumbai and Pune both came to a stand still.

Now, all the tracks have been repaired and safety measures have been implemented once again. After a few trials runs a few days back, the railway tracks have been deemed fit for use once again.

Along long distance routes, these train tracks were vital and connectivity to a few other cities was halted as well. Additionally, sources stated that this was one of the few times that the ghat tracks have been closed for so long.

This just goes to show that nature's wrath knows no bounds and there's really not much that we as a species can do about it.

Knock Knock

We're glad that the services have been resumed after a fortnight of inoperability. Now, both the cities are once again well connected and business is a-boomin'.

After the completion of Mumbai Metro, the nearby metropolitan and developing regions are awaiting their own metro. Pune metro is Maharashtra government's newest and one of the more ambitious projects. The metro rail network is expected to extend to faraway places in Pune, on a whole bringing in more connectivity and better transportation for the residents of the city.

According to latest updates, the upcoming Pune Metro project will change the face of Indian metro with its cutting edge, modern aluminium bodied coaches.

What’s the update?

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (Maha Metro) had recently floated a tender for manufacturing and supplying 102 cutting-edge modern aluminium bodied coaches for the upcoming metro project in Pune. The tender was allocated to ‘Titagarh Wagons’, an Indian who would be manufacturing the state-of-the-art aluminium bodied coaches as a first in the country.

Image used for representation purpose only

Up until now, all metro coaches had been manufactured with stainless steel bodies and the Pune metro will the first to have aluminium coaches.

What’s the difference?

Aluminium coaches are not only lighter, they are more energy efficient and have a better aesthetic to them. Add to that the abundance of aluminium in the country and the equation yields an ultra-modern, next gen coach which is expected to revolutionize the various metro networks in the country.

According to various reports, the upcoming Pune metro will be fully air conditioned with added humidity controls, they’ll have a digital route as well as a station display inside the carriages. The metro trains will be under a 100% CCTV surveillance and would also come with a safety/panic button. Not just that, the interior of carriages will be designed as per international standards.

All of these put together are sure to make the Pune Metro exceptionally modern and sophisticated. In turn, not only providing passengers with connectivity and a better mode of transportation but also make travelling an overall more comfortable experience. Maha Metro expects to start the operations of Pune Metro Rail by 2021 and we have to say, we are more than just excited.

We’ve come across a ton of shocking news lately, yet nothing has been able to shock us more than this. Apparently, Pune is hosting the first ever Tik Tok Film Festival and they even have cash prizes for the winners.

The Tik Tok fever has gripped our entire nation. People continue to use the app which was banned by the government a few months ago for “degrading the culture of our country”. The obsession people have for Tik Tok where they display their acting chops, sing songs and make dance videos, is unmeasurable and we have still not found a content sharing app that has been as big of a hit among Indians.The news is, that Pune is hosting a full-fledged Tik Tok film festival where people can submit their short videos for any three of 12 categories. These categories include Best Comedy, Best Dance, Best Couple, Best Hair, among others and we have to say, it's unlike anything we’ve heard of.

The videos can be a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute long and the participants will be given a trophy as well as a certificate. Not just that, those who stand first in their respective category will win ₹33,333, the second place holders will get ₹22,222, the third place holders will get ₹5,555 and so on.

The festival is currently on and the submission can be given until August 20th. So if you feel your Tik Tok video has what it takes to win the category well, go ahead and submit them.

For the rest of us who do not own or operate Tik Tok, we’ll have to make-do without the cash prize of the certificate of participation. Though, the internet has gone into a whirlwind of crazy, if you wish to chime in on the debate that is happening around social media, you’re welcome to do so.

To register your videos give a call on: 8983370589, 9921159279, 7900004551, 9921610254