Delhi government’s passion project, the Signature bridge that connects the outer ring road on the western bank of the river with Wazirabad road in the east, has been surrounded in controversy. From its hurried up inauguration to the scuffle on the inauguration day itself, the Signature bridge has seen its fair share of news. Yet, this time the news is neither sombre nor controversial, it is quite exciting.

The one of a kind bridge built over Yamuna river may be illuminated with beams of lights at dusk near Diwali this year and believe us, it will be a sight to behold.

Though, the 675 meters long bridge which shortens the distance between east and north east Delhi, has seen its fair share of laser shows, it will be the first time that the bridge would stand tall, decked with lights, for all to behold its beauty and majesty.

The bridge, which was approved in 1997 to share the load of the old Wazirabad bridge after a tragic accident which killed several school children, is a stunning sight even without any decorations.

Double the height of the ancient Qutub Minar, the formidable bridge is India’s first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge in India. With a 157 meter high viewing box, it will offer a panoramic view of the city. Four elevators can take almost 50 people to the top of the bridge and it has designated spots for those who cannot live without taking the necessary selfie.

Delhi Transport and Tourism Development Corporation (DTTDC) is carrying out the task to light-up Delhi’s skyline.

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