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Hangout at these 5 places in Lucknow to wrap up the last stretch of 2020

Winters are always special in Lucknow but visiting the same ol' places, eating the same food and doing the sameee things can be really monotonous. Hence, this season if you've donned Vespucci's hat in a bid to explore new places in town, then Lucknow is bound to surprise you with a legion of options. Ranging from swanky restobars for you to shake a leg at to cafes which just sit in your head and heart, Lucknow has it all. So keeping y'all in mind, we have listed 5 places for you to visit in the city and we bet, this winter is gonna be absolutely lit AF!

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Booze-heads rejoice! The Tipsy Trunk in Alambagh is now pouring your favourite liquor!

When in Alambagh, The Tipsy Trunk is our favourite place to be! This quirky, fun and modern place is always on top of our go-to list as the vibe here is pretty great. And with the latest news you can totally be ready for your next party at this amazing place in town.

The Tipsy Trunk is now serving a full bar for all of us booze-heads who've been wanting a sip of something more than the basic mocktails and soft drinks. T3 is ready to blow your minds, with its amazing food, music & an all new bar!

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Head to Boombox and enjoy your booze at the newest 'Bar Xchange' in Lucknow

Boombox Bar Xchange, one of India's most premium resto-bar has undoubtedly amped up the nightlife scenes of Lucknow. To take your excitement up a notch, they're now bringing the bar exchange concept in the city and we just can't wait to get there soon.

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