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THESE 7 cemeteries are a true reflection of Mumbai's long-standing cosmopolitan culture

A place set apart for the entombment of the dead, cemeteries are much more than burial grounds- they are a reflection of aesthetic considerations, religious beliefs and social attitudes, among other things. Chronicling the multi-cultural communities and diverse faiths that have lived in Mumbai for centuries, the cemeteries of this city tell tales of a forgotten past with their historical connotations and architectural intricacies. So move beyond the notion that death and beauty are incompatible as you tag along with us on a virtual exploration of these 7 cemeteries!

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One-of-its-kind Royal Opera House in Mumbai has raised its curtains once again!

Among the last remnants of colonial rule in India, is the Royal Opera House in Mumbai, which King George V inaugurated in 1911. Since then, this opera house has carefully woven itself with the cultural fabric of this vibrant city, in a manner that has catered to its artistic dynamism. From hosting stellar operatic performances to providing a platform for cinema stalwarts like Prithviraj Kapoor, the Royal Opera House's baroque edifice has stories that span over a time period of hundred years. If you are the kind of person who is fascinated by old-world charms with a touch of modernity, then a virtual tour through the Royal Opera House will be a delight for you!

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