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Mumbai's healthcare workers to get only 3 chances to receive COVID vaccine; ultimatum issued

As the coronavirus vaccine drive concludes its first-month operations, Mumbai's low target achievement and high infection count is raising concern among health officials. Trudging at a slow pace, the maximum city has been able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to less than 50% of targeted beneficiaries in due course of time. As a result, the vaccination task force has now opted for an ultimatum for the beneficiaries in order to improve the stride of inoculation. Reportedly, each health worker will get 3 chances to receive the vaccine jab, post which their slot will be pushed down.

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Mumbai to likely vaccinate frontline workers today as Maha moves to Phase 2 COVID inoculation

Mumbai is likely to begin the second phase of COVID-vaccination drive today, targetted to provide immunity to frontline workers in addition to medical and healthcare officials. This will be observed as a state-wide phenomenon in Maharashtra, where all districts will initiate the second phase of the immunity campaign.

As per reports, registrations on the CO-WIN application will authorise the drive, where a total of 580,000 frontline workers have registered on the Co-WIN app for the vaccination until now. Though the 'session-live' tab - signalling the start of the vaccination drive - is not activated yet, the Centre has assured it will set ticking by tonight.

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COVID vaccination drive in Mumbai witnesses low turnout yet again; 50% get gift of the jab on Day 2

Mumbai hardly managed to vaccinate 1,597 people out of the listed 3,200 beneficiaries registered for vaccination on Tuesday, Day-2 of the coronavirus vaccination drive. Recording a similar attendance as Day-1, on Saturday, the malfunctioning of the CO-WIN mobile application, isolated cases of hesitation and refusal among people were pinned for almost half of the intended participation. These low numbers were observed to be a state phenomenon; Maharashtra's tally also plummeted from 64% on Saturday, to 52% on Sunday, vaccinating about 14,883 healthcare workers of the total 28,500.

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Glitches in CoWIN-App results in low turnout at Mumbai vax centres; only 48% get vaccinated on Day 1

The world's most elaborate vaccination programme was launched in India on January 16 by flagging off the COVID-19 inoculation drive across the nation. Launched under the care of Prime Minister, this immunisation process was authorised by prior registration on the Co-WIN mobile application which exhibited technical glitches on the first day of phase 1 drive. As a result, only 1926 out of the 4000 beneficiaries across 9 centres were administered the vaccination in Mumbai. The Co-WIN mobile application was supposed to send automated messages to the healthcare workers, listing the date and time of their immunisation, however, due to glitch in the app, beneficiaries couldn't be alerted about their designated slots on Saturday.

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