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Mumbai to witness 4th day of Covid vaccination on January 22

After the Chief Minister launched the state-wide inoculation drive on 16th January, Mumbai has administered vaccines to the healthcare workers on three schedules in the last few days. Through the drives conducted on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a total of 5,251 health workers have been immunised so far in Mumbai. The city is now preparing for the fourth day of covid vaccination, which is to be held on Friday.

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Minors, pregnant women & allergic people to be exempted from Covishield doses in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Health minister announced that the Covishield vaccine will not be provided to citizens below the age of 18, pregnant women and people with allergies. The minister further stated that the citizens chosen for the first round of immunization, who do not fall in any of these categories, shall be administered with two doses of the vaccine at an interval of 4-6 weeks. Maharashtra expects the vaccination of frontline workers to begin on January 16, in line with the national launch date

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