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Rejoice Mumbai! Starting Feb 1, all commuters can hop onto the Local train bandwagon

Mumbai's suburban train system network finally receives permission to ferry the local crowd, bringing in huge a respite from the troubles of commute in the city. On Friday, the Maharashtra Chief Minister allowed the general public to use local trains, in 3 designated slots in order to contain any unprecedented rise of COVID-19. Shut since March over the coronavirus induced lockdown, Mumbai's local crowd was deprived of this ease of mobility even when it resumed partially for essential workers.

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Mumbai Local-trains prepare to reopen full-services on January 29; official state orders awaited

Following a meeting chaired by the Maharashtra Chief Minister and top-bureaucrats, on the reopening of local trains for all commuters, the Western Railways has begun to chalk out a plan to resume full-services, with 1,367 transits in a day by January 29. Though the railway board is still awaiting the official orders, various ways to reopen locals for all are being worked upon, wherein permissions to all commuters may be granted soon, during non-peak hours initially.

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Mumbai locals may soon resume services for 'all' passengers before 7 AM and after 10 PM

Looking at the steady dip in the number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai, the city officials are planning to propose a draft which will enable all commuters to avail the services of the local suburban train system, popularly known as Mumbai locals. As per reports, this permission will be granted with restriction, allowing general passengers to board the trains after 10 PM at night, until 7 AM in the morning.

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Mumbai Local Trains to remain closed for the general public during the next 3-4 weeks

In a press conference, the Municipal Commissioner of the BMC stated that the local trains for the general public in the city of Mumbai will not resume until after 3-4 weeks. The official pointed out that the said period is critical for the city with respect to the growth and transmission of the coronavirus and all precautions need to be taken to placate any spike. He has also pointed out that any decision to resume locals for the general use of all will be taken after 3-4 weeks. Besides this, Mumbai's civic body has not imposed any other restrictions.

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