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Mumbai locals halted for public for 15 more days as the city puts up a guard of caution!

With dropping infection tallies in Mumbai, the city folks had started speculations about the revival of operations by Mumbai locals, for the general public. Ending all this conjecture, a state cabinet minister affirmed that the local transport system will not be resumed for all commuters, for at least 15 days from now, reportedly. Currently, individuals under the categories of essential service providers, including government and BMC officials, are permitted to travel in the local trains.

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Mumbai University awaits resumption of local trains for all, before commencing offline classes

Post the complete shutdown of the Mumbai locals during the early phase of the pandemic, the services gradually opened up for certain sections of the population. Given the dwindling number of COVID-19 patients in the city, the complete revival of the local trains is anticipated in the near future but the government hasn't taken a final decision yet. Keeping this in mind, Mumbai University has shelved the idea of allowing offline classes till local trains are resumed for the general public.

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