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Located 166 km away from Mumbai, the iconic Raigad Fort to get a major facelift!

Located just 166 km from Mumbai, the iconic Raigad Fort is perched as one of the most imposing hilltops forts in the country. This archaic site is known to be a treasure trove of vibrant past, ethnic culture and of course, splendid architectural magnificence that pulls tourists from every corner of the world!

Through centuries, the Raigad Fort has been dubbed as the strongest protagonist of the Deccan Plateau but the reality of its coarse walls stands quite in contrast to the fables narrated in history books. The once glorified capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, today stands as just another historic site, brought down by weather-tear, old age and blatant neglect. However, this is not the end! History is about to be rewritten and here's how.

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