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Surviving the Siege of Lucknow, Sikandar Bagh is a reminder of the city's cultural legacy

Every Lucknowite has either read Shatranj Ke Khiladi penned down by Premchand or watched its cinematic adaptation by Satyajit Ray. Either way, you know that the City of Nawabs played an important role during the Revolt of 1857 and Sikandar Bagh can be called its epicentre, for it bears a connection to the Siege of Lucknow. Built during the nineteenth century by Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Lucknow, this Bagh is spread across almost 4.5 acres of land. If you want a peek into the rich heritage of this city, then tag along with us on this know-all virtual tour of Sikandar Bagh.

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The forgotten story of Lucknow's 'Kothi Alamara' or the Alambagh Palace

Lucknow is packed full of historical gems and relics, each with a distinct story to tell. Architecture is one of the biggest fronts on which this inherent charm and old-timey vibe of Lucknow relies, hence architecture and old buildings in the city have long been telling the tales of a time that once was. Lucknow's Kothi Alamara or Alambagh Palace is one such monument which has a long story to tell, of love partition and war.

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