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Lucknow to get security cameras with facial recognition technology, to help women in distress

In a new development under the state's home-grown Mission Shakti program, the Lucknow police department has decided to install facial recognition cameras in the city, to help women in distress. These cameras will be backed by artificial intelligence to read the expression of women in distress and alert the nearest police station. In the initial phase, about 5 such security cameras will be deployed for the purpose. This move has been made to help reduce cases of harassment of women who are subjected to stalking and threat in the city.

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Mission Shakti boosts adoption of girl child by foreign couples in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh officials are lauding the state's Mission Shakti Programme as more and more girls are now being adopted by childless couples from other countries. According to a government spokesman, orphan girls are being adopted by foreign couples from countries like Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, France and Malta. This trend shines as a beacon of hope for many young lives, as this reflects a positive sign of changing mindsets.

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