Old Lucknow is cloaked in the glories of the Nawabi era and the rich heritage coupled with a thriving cultural ecosystem surely steals the cake. We chanced upon the famous Phool Wali Gali which is one of the oldest markets in the state serving as a window to Lucknow’s affluent envelope!

Initially, the Phool Wali Gali was popular exclusively for their fresh and fragrant gajras– a garland of jasmine flowers but after the decline of the nawabi 'nightlife', the florists here engaged in selling other varieties of flowers as well.Apart from flowers, the market comprised of innumerable shops which were famous for authentic zari work, chikankari, jewellery, decor items, ittar and so on.

As we wandered further into the lanes of the congested and over-crowded Phool Mandi at 6 in the morning, we witnessed dunes of genda phool, roses and lilies being haggled over.

Further we spoke to the locals and enlightened ourselves about the significance of this market and the intense amount of secularism at play. Turns out, that most of these sellers are Muslims but they supply the flowers to the local temples and pandits with utmost dedication! We witnessed that they were preventing the customers or visitors from ‘smelling’ flowers here because of the religious usage and it is a strict no-no as per Hindu ideologies too. One of the flower vendors actually disposed a flower, that was picked and smelled by a passer by! This proves how careful they are about their trade, irrespective of their religious inclinations.

If you have any events coming up or just a day when you need to buy pretty flowers in bulk or so, head over here to actually catch steal-deals! We purchased a kilo of rose petals for (waaait-forrr-itttt) just ₹15 and we were pleasantly surprised.

That’s not all.

When you’ll come out of these meandering flower lanes, you will be greeted by sellers from the other side of the road. That stretch is known as the Angrezi Phool Market where you can shop for flowers which are contemporary and chic- perfect for upscale events and they are oh-so-cheap! Think carnations, lavenders, orchids, periwinkles, forget-me-nots and so on- a plethora of radiant spread, curated for all.

The location of this market isn’t really made up of an address- it is more traceable with a landmark and asking around, the classic desi way! Don’t try to Google because you’ll end up lost in the maze of bylanes. So just reach up to Nimbu Park and then ask the localites about the market and the good folks here will guide you in the blink of an eye.

Holistic education takes a leap in Lucknow with booming opportunities for young kids!

It is crucial to address the need for a wholesome pedagogy for young learners of the 21st century.

Technological innovations and inventive thinking together constitute the insignia of a fertile present and a progressive future. While the evolving nature of technology has made it a mandatory skill for younger learners, it is essential to couple it with a financial aptitude and business-driven attitude for assuring sustained growths, today. One must address the need for a wholesome pedagogy for kids of the 21st century, that can provide them with a life crafted as per their innate interests and ambitions!

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Universities in UP directed to send degrees to students by post

The decision ensures that students receive their degrees on time.

The pandemic has affected the education system in a huge way. Even though online classes have replaced physical classes, staying at home for such a long duration has taken away a lot of opportunities from students of schools and colleges alike. In such times, the authorities are trying their best to provide assistance and tackle all the hurdles. And now, in an attempt to timely award degrees to college students, new instructions have been given to universities across UP.

Chancellor of state universities & UP Governor, Andiben Patel has directed Vice-Chancellors of Universities across the state to send college degrees to students by post. The decision was formalised in an online review meeting of two state institutes, Lucknow University and Bathkhande Music Institute Deemed University and ensures that students do not have to run for their degrees.

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All engineering & polytechnic students in UP to take online exams in July!

Virtual assessments for first, second and third-year students shall be conducted in the last week of July.

In view of the easing pandemic situation in Uttar Pradesh, the state technical education department has announced schedules for the students of all years enrolled under it. Reportedly, the authority has stated that the final year students of technical universities and polytechnic institutes would sit for online tests in the third week of July. Besides, the virtual assessments for first, second and third-year students shall be conducted in the last week of July.

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A 14-member committee set up in Lucknow University to take the decision regarding exams 2021

Special Committee of the LU will take the final call, in line with the government orders.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Lucknow University, Dr Alok Kumar Rai has set up a special 14 member committee to take the final decision regarding the examinations and promotion of the students. The committee will check the feasibility of conducting exams for third-year students and evaluate the promotion criteria for other batches, across all programmes.

This special body includes the Controller of Examinations, HODs of all departments along with the Principals of Mahila Vidhyalaya Degree college and Shia College and Superintendent of Examination, who are tasked to take the final call, in line with the government's orders.

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Lucknow University staff to bear the educational expenses of pandemic-orphaned pupils!

The Vice Chancellor took the responsibility of one such student on Friday and appealed to other professors to take similar steps.

Initiating a new welfare program, it has been said that the Vice-Chancellor and other professors at Lucknow University will bear the educational expenses of students who have lost one or both parents to the pandemic. Under this scheme, the VC took the responsibility of one such student on Friday and requested other professors to take similar steps. As per reports, the Registrar, Chief Proctor and the Dean of the Students' Welfare Department will now bear expenses of one child each.

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Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences to come up at Lucknow University's Jankipuram campus

LU to launch a dedicated government institute for students aiming to build careers in pharmacy.

Lucknow University has decided to launch a dedicated institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in a bid to widen the bandwidth of educational provisions for pharmacy aspirants. The varsity is set to open this institute over 8,170 square meters of its second campus in Jankipuram. Reportedly, the finance committee has given the penultimate approval to start the institute as a sub-set of the engineering faculty. The proposal will now be tabled before the Executive Committee on June 11, for final approval.

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Lucknow's Aaghaz Foundation is heralding an age of educational equity through its 16 scholarships

Presently, applications for three out of their sixteen scholarships are open.

With the aim of ensuring that the children from underprivileged backgrounds are empowered through education, Aaghaz Foundation was established in 2004. Empowering girls and boys with their best capabilities through scholarships and other educational initiatives, this Lucknow-based non-profit organisation has helped over 16,000 needy children. Currently, applications for their Aisha Begum Memorial Scholarship and other endowments are open.

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