Annabelle returns for the third time, only scarier and creepier

Annabelle returns for the third time, only scarier and creepier

The first look of the third chapter of Annabelle has been  released and the fans can’t stop talking about how much creepier the doll has gotten

Lubna Abbas

Director James Wan's DC debut Aquaman turned out to be a blockbuster with an amazing financial success. What's more, a sequel and spinoff are already in development. But Wan's roots are ultimately deep down in the horror world, and he is stepping back into the genre in a big way with Annabelle Comes Home, the upcoming sequel that he's going to be producing.

The first part of the series, Annabelle, released in 2014, whereas its prequel, Annabelle: Creation, came out in 2017. If you find horror movies a delight then gear up to be scared even more with the third film of the series, Annabelle Comes Home. Ever since the sequel was announced, the audiences have been excitedly waiting for movie. Well, the wait is finally over now. Just yesterday, James Wan shared the first official poster of Annabelle Comes Home on his Instagram. The poster has the famous Annabelle doll in it with a creepy smile placed in a closet. What caught our attention was a clown's half face below the doll that's peeping out from a box. Take a look:

The first part of the series, Annabelle, was poorly received by the critics but managed to be a box office success. The second part, Annabelle: Creation, was significantly better in quality and made even more money at the box office. Which only means that the pressure is on for Annabelle Comes Home to deliver when it arrives this summer. The movie hits the theatres June 28th, 2019.