Identity crisis for Taapsee Pannu in her new movie Game Over’s teaser

Identity crisis for Taapsee Pannu in her new movie Game Over’s teaser

Anoushka Ghosh

Anoushka Ghosh

Taapsee Pannu is known for her talent and hardworking nature in the industry. The ‘Pink’ actress has created a niche for herself even without being associated with any prominent family in the industry. From action to romance, Taapsee has been experimenting with her roles as well as showing variety and diversity as an actor. Now, the actress is all ready to give her best again in Ashwin Saravanan’s ‘Game Over’.

The teaser for the thriller released this Wednesday and we are all curious to know more.

Identity crisis for Taapsee Pannu in her new movie Game Over’s teaser

In the teaser of the upcoming multilingual thriller "Game Over", Taapsee Pannu plays a wheelchair-bound gamer combating a mysterious identity. The minute long teaser, looks chilling and intriguing; mostly unfolding inside a house.

The teaser features the text "We all have two lives; the second one starts when we realise we only have one". It indicates that the film is shrouded in mystery and a lot of questions, which will only be answered when the film releases on June 14.

Directed by Ashwin Saravanan, "Game Over" has been produced by Y Not Studios in association with Reliance Entertainment.

Ashwin had described the film as a "quirky thriller" previously that mostly unfolds within the confines of a house.

"This movie will feature very few characters”, Ashwin said. “Ever since I saw 'Pink', I've wanted to work with Taapsee. I'm glad everything fell in place for this project and I'm excited to be working with her. She is someone who is not really screen-conscious and can really get under the skin of a character," he said.

Taapsee went on twitter to share the teaser

She also went on to clarify doubts about the release dates for all three languages: Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Anurag Kashyap revealed that he will present the Hindi version of "Game Over", which has music by Ron Yohann.

Having already seen the film, he said "I am very kicked about presenting this game-changing film in Hindi. This film proves yet again that the quality of filmmaking from the South is just outstanding and it's great to see how Ashwin Saravanan has pushed the boundaries and has made a genre-bending film, something that we all have never seen before,"

It will be pretty interesting to see how Taapsee without many of supporting actors and change in location, pulls off her performance because she will be solely responsible for doing justice to the movie.