Is your pet your forever date?

Someone (they’re no less than humans, even better actually) you’d take along for everything if possible- swimming, strolls, shopping or even coffee dates?

Then we have found the perfect place for you which not only is animal-friendly but is a stellar addition to Bavdhan’s fast growing culinary scenes. And if you’re into coffee too, this place is tailor-made for you!

Woof Woof!

The Fat Labrador Café’s facade is just like any other cafe but once you rest your eyes in an unhurried manner, you’d surely notice that the dog logo stands out from the crowd! Targeted towards those who want to spend some time with their pet while sipping on delish coffee, The Fat Labrador Café is all about simplicity and uniqueness.

Driven by the love of dogs and coffee, this cafe is dedicated to the owner’s Labra, 11yo Cookie, who clearly has one of the best dog-parents in the history of dog-parents!

For the Taste-buds!

Meant for folks looking for light snacking options, this cafe’s food and beverage menu is short and when they deliver, it’s absolutely to die for.

Masala Omelettes, Chicken Bowl, Pasta Alfredo and Bruschetta, are every foodie’s pick and you can wash it all down with their South Indian and Italian espresso blends which are a must-try! The Vietnamese-style iced coffee has also been under the spotlight for all the right reasons so if you’re tempted to order, we’d say, go for it!

BTW they have a menu for your pets too, so that you don’t have to worry about ‘em chewing on the wrong kinda grub. It is all craftily curated, keeping your pets’ health in mind. And if you’re planning on a birthday celebration for your mutt, this is the place to be.

For the Heart!

The interiors are simple. There is a blue wall dedicated to the photographs of people and their pets and if you have pictures with your fur-babies, they’d be more than happy to feature you there!

With an al fresco seating arrangement too, guests can eat with their pets outdoors and for further ease, there is also another dedicated area, where you can leave your pets under their supervision. They also have another rule- any pet that accompanies its ‘parent’ will get a free treat and honestly, it can’t get any better!

What we’re saying is-

Be it a casual evening stroll or a Sunday morning outing with your pooch, drop by here for the best South-Indian style coffee and omlettes and if you’re not a pet-parent, come and say hello to the others.

Location: Shop 4 A, Business Square, Opposite DSK Ranwara, DSK Ranwara Road, Bavdhan, Pune

Timings: 9:30am – 10pm

Cost: ₹600 for two people (approx.)

Jaipur's COVID drive witnesses an improvement; 32 new vaccination sites added by Health department

In just 24 hours, the Jaipur Health Department raised the number of vaccination sites in the city from 55 to 87.

In a bid to boost the coronavirus inoculation drive in Jaipur, the health department has scaled up the number of vaccination sites across the city. A demand by nursing homes and private hospitals in the city was met by the district authorities, who increased the number of vaccination sites by 32 in just 24 hours, boosting the overall pace of the covid immunisation drive in the Pink City. About 4,425 healthcare workers got the vaccine jab across the 87 vaccination sites in Jaipur.

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Mumbai Local-trains prepare to reopen full-services on January 29; official state orders awaited

Western Line operations will likely begin for all commuters, with 1,367 services a day by Friday, January 29.

Following a meeting chaired by the Maharashtra Chief Minister and top-bureaucrats, on the reopening of local trains for all commuters, the Western Railways has begun to chalk out a plan to resume full-services, with 1,367 transits in a day by January 29. Though the railway board is still awaiting the official orders, various ways to reopen locals for all are being worked upon, wherein permissions to all commuters may be granted soon, during non-peak hours initially.

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Kanpur's daughter Dr. Usha Yadav named for Padma Shri; brings great acclaim to the city

An alumnus of Kanpur University, Usha credits a major part of her success to the literary environment provided by the city.

The announcement of the Padma Awards brought great cheer for the city of Kanpur. Born and brought up in the city, Dr. Usha Yadav is one of the 102 distinguished citizens from across the country to receive Padma Shri this year. A PHD-degree alumnus of Kanpur University, Usha credits a major part success of her success to the literary environment provided by the city.

A proud daughter who has preserved her father's legacy

Hindi litterateur and author, Usha Yadav has not only added a shining feather in her cap but also preserved her father's legacy. She is the daughter of Chandrapal Singh 'Mayank', who authored many children's stories. A lawyer by profession, he wanted Usha to become a judge but she was inclined towards literature and writing from a young age.

It was in class 9th when her first poem got published in the school magazine and she has never looked back after that. Usha has authored books on a range of themes in her long career. Having completed her D.Litt in Agra, she joined Bhimrao Ambedkar University after that, where she served till retirement.

Author of stories based on lives of women, children and senior citizens

Reportedly, Dr. Usha told that her stories are often based on children, women and senior citizens. She has credited to her success, more than 100 books on issues encircling their lives. In the present times, children across all sections of society are facing tough circumstances. While the ones in rich families have everything except their parent's attention, middle-class kids are overburdened by the aspirations of their parents. The toughest experiences are faced by children in poor and deprived families. Their childhood is overshadowed by their constant struggle for food. Similarly, daughters and women are feeling more insecure with each passing day. It is these issues that motivated most her stories.

A deep sense of attachment for Kanpur

As per reports, Usha mentioned that she feels a deep sense of attachment for Kanpur. Laden with proverbs and idioms, the city's local language influenced her passion for writing. She further said that all her visits to Kanpur bring back old memories from the past. While the city evolved with time, its heritage remains preserved.

While the author has achieved a remarkable feat with the latest award, this is not her first honour. Previously, she has been presented with the Bal Sahitya Bharati Award, the highest honour for children's literature, Mahatama Gandhi bi-annual Hindi literature award, Meera Smriti Samman amongst others.

Online mobile gaming has made casinos available in the palm of your hands

Old school casino culture takes a backseat.

In Goa, casino culture is a big part of what makes the tourist state thrive. Not only do outsiders come and try their hand at games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and many more, but the locals are invested in it as well. With the current ongoing global trends, things are changing everywhere and in that light, players are shifting towards online casino. With the help of online casino, more and more people are getting a chance to try their luck in a virtual setting and earn real money.

Online gaming, mobile gaming and such services are quickly gaining traction. With esports becoming more popular by the day, people are realizing the scope of mobile gaming (in this case, online casino). This comes under the category of online mobile gaming, which is convenient and pushes players to take a turn towards real money games.

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The 24th Edition of Hunar Haat in Lucknow has grabbed several eyeballs for providing a national-level platform to several indigenous handicrafts and products. Besides the usual representation of arts, crafts and culture, the exhibition this year has set the bar even higher by presenting a sale of farmers produce here. The UP Government, in a bid to further its commitment to boost the income of the farmers, has paved a path for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) to set stalls at Lucknow Hunar Haat, allowing them to exhibit and sell the produce here.

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Mobile Season 1 New Order brings new weapons, battle pass and game modes

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