Ever since the launch of Delhi Metro in December 2002, it has evolved to become the city's lifeline, connecting several areas and creating a webwork of transportation. Since then, several routes of the Delhi metro have been receiving minor upgrades and this time the oldest line of the Delhi metro- Red Line, is gearing up for a complete makeover. Red Line will soon get a complete overhaul and maintenance check. As part of the renovation, all the 21 stations of the Red Line, trains and tracks will get a new look and enhanced functionality.

What's the update?

The Red Line is Delhi Metro's oldest route and it was in dire need of a makeover. All the stations from Rithala to Dilshad Garden will undergo major changes including, but not limited to, rectifying the water seepage problem on the tracks by replacing expansion joints, renovating the exterior of the stations by applying a new colour theme, giving it a vibrant and more modern look.

Apart from that, the interiors will be repaired and the ground floor of the stations will be replaced with granite flooring. The platforms too will be given chemical polishing.

Areas near the metro will also be renovated. Footpaths, parks and parking areas surrounding the metro will undergo major changes to keep the revamp uniform across the city. To make the metro convenient for users, there will be new lighting and signages at all stations.

At the same time, there are many challenges that the DMRC will have to face. The biggest of them will be the issue of renovating the line while the route is already in use. For this, they will have to chalk out specific hours when the work will be carried out.

Initially, the work will begin at Dilshad garden, Jhilmil and Mansarovar stations, while at other stations, it will be complete by 2020. The newly launched extension of the Red Line- all the way to Ghaziabad, will not be part of the plan as it already has the new facilities and state of the art maintenance.

Why the need?

As of now, the Red Line is rather dated and stations that are part of the line could do with a makeover. The issues in the metro stations often result in delayed trains and an interrupted travel experience. Often times, this tends to delay passengers if they're going for an important appointment.

The route was also technologically backwards when compared to other Delhi metro lines. With the new changes, the DMRC will implement newer, more convenient technologies that will make it easy to track and keep a check on the trains that are running.

Whom will it benefit?

Since the Red Line is a commonly used metro line, the redevelopment will come as a boon for the average commuter and those that are frequent travellers. Sure, the problem of the changed schedule will take some while to get used to, but in the end, the change will be fruitful for all.

Delhi Metro has been providing a great service to residents and commuters across the city since its inception. Now that it is finally getting redesigned is great news and we can't wait to take a spin on the revamped metro.

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