Now that the Diwali season is over, it is time to face a few realities, the most dominant one being the issue of air pollution. In just the past few days, the air quality in Delhi has dipped massively and the trend is going to continue for a few more days it seems.

In these trying times, we should be on the lookout for anything that gives us a break from the pollution, so we went ahead and made a list of some of the best parks in Delhi that can act as your silver lining.

Talkatora Garden

One of the most prominent Mughal gardens in the city, Talkatora Garden is often our go-to spot when looking for a serene place in the concrete jungle. Adorned with all sorts of exotic flora, Talkatora Garden is a beacon that suggests that we must never lose hope. A visit here will give you a break from the smog and a chance to breathe in the refreshing scent of flowers, hopefully changing you for the better.

Swarn Jayanti

Often referred to as the Japanese Garden, this is a scenic park complete with a water body, lush gardens and towering trees. Offering a whole new outlook on the pollution issue, this park really makes you want to save the Earth. Apart from that, it is just a relief being in the garden and getting a sniff of fresh air after a long time.

Indraprastha Park

Not only is Indraprastha Park a special place for taking in the beauty of nature, but it also a place where you can see the best of humanity. This park blends us humans with the nature. The sprawling open spaces are only interrupted by some artistic sculptures, which often tend to add to the vibe of the entire park itself.

Jahanpanah City Forest

One of the only few places in Delhi where you can get an unparalleled dose of real, unadulterated nature, Jahanpanah Forest reminds us exactly why we need nature to sustain humanity. Complete with a joggers path, sprawling forests and densely packed flora as well as fauna, a trip to the city forest comes as a much needed relief from the ever increasing pollution.

Deer Park

For those of you who want to find some hope for nature in the wildlife of the forest, head over to the Deer Park. Offering an almost 'Save Planet Earth' vibe, the vast spaces and dense trees are just enough to bring about a change in all of you. Once you see the majestic deer prancing about in their glory, it will surely strike a chord within you.

Lodhi Gardens

Another one of the most famous Mughal gardens in town, the Lodhi Gardens are frequented by many. In this day and age of pollution and declining air quality, getting in touch with nature is a must and this garden is the best place to do so. Here, you can rekindle your love for nature

Knock Knock

Going to a nature park now that pollution levels are on the rise seems like the right thing to do. There is no denying that everything stems from nature and paying a visit to a park is like paying your respects. Head over to any one of these parks and take in a gust of fresh air just to see what you're missing out on.

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