When one sees a homeless person, begging for money so they can buy food for their family, it hits hard. It makes one ponder at the trials of poverty, the state of apathy of these people and how little is being done to make life better for them. Well, now the onus isn’t on you anymore because this new cafe in Chhattisgarh will provide freshly made meals to all poor people in exchange of garbage.

A new cafe run by the AMC (Ambikapur Municipal Corporation) ‘Garbage Cafe’ has cropped up in town and it is winning over our hearts. How the cafe works is that it collects garbage that the poor people bring and then in return, they are rewarded by food in exchange.

In exchange for a basket of waste, or half a kilogram of garbage, rag pickers and poor people can get a breakfast meal for free. If an entire kilogram of waste is given to the cafe, then they can avail of a free of cost meal at any time of the day.

This move by the AMC is a great initiative and gets two birds with one stone. One one hand, we have the obvious benefit that is the fact that homeless, underprivileged people will get meals at least once a day, free of cost and the other, more environment friendly side of it. With the help of this initiative, the city will become a whole lot cleaner and plastic free.

Localites in the city are glad that such a move is being put into place. It will ensure that the poor lead a better life and the city becomes cleaner and greener in the days to come.

Though we’re not from Chhattisgarh, this piece of news has got our attention and we’re hoping that something similar makes its way into our own city as well. We’ll gladly accept this cause with open arms as it is something on more of a humanitarian basis.

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