This Children's Day, head to these places in Delhi & make your kids' childhood a memorable one

As kids, perhaps the thing that mattered the most for us was having fun. On one day of the year, every year you can relive the best bits of your childhood. That day is none other than Children's day, and if you have kids with you, then it's the perfect day to cut them some slack and give them a blast of a time.

Today, we take a look at some of the best places in Delhi that are bound to make a lasting impression in your children's memories. So go ahead and treat your kids for being the little bundles of joy that they are.

Nehru Planetarium

If you, or your child is the inquisitive type, just wondering about the mysteries of the universe, then take them on a fun and educational trip to the Nehru Planetarium. Here, both you and your kid can learn something new about the universe, galaxies and outer space. Paired with amazing visual cues and mesmerising depictions of the night sky, the planetarium really brings out the explorer in children as well as adults.

The Pony Club

It is no secret that kids have an affinity for animals. That feeling goes both ways and if you want to give your kid some hands on experience on how to take care of a horse, then the Pony Club in Vasant Kunj is where you've got to go. This children's day, your kid can get the dream pony ride and learn some fun stuff about our four legged friends as well.

Rail Museum

When one is travelling, the most horrendous sound you can hear is a child just bawling away. Though that is the case, it doesn't mean that kids hate travelling. In fact, if you want to show yours the passage and evolution of locomotives, then head over to the Rail museum. The museum showcases all sorts of ancient trains, engines, station models and even letters from railway workers. For kids, the main attraction should be the toy train ride, which is surely a fun experience for them.

Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder is perhaps the best place that you can take your child. Here, the kids can run around and have fun like there's no tomorrow. With so many unconventional and cool rides, water slides, pools, carnival attractions and a whole lot more, your kids are going to have the time of their lives here. The best part is that adults too can find something for themselves here and relive their childhood days.

Toilet Museum

This is another one of those places that should just enthral a kid. Even for many adults, the toilet museum is a whole new experience. As far as kids are concerned, they're easily impressed, which is why everything in this museum should open up new doors for them. The museum houses all sorts of fancy toilets from ages ago and gives us a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the Mughal royalty.

Adventure Island

Offering a more theme based outlook on the whole concept of going out and having fun, Adventure Island is THE place for those who want to show their kids a fun time. This children's day, it is time to just lose yourself in the magic of something that captivates you and transports you to a whole new world of excitement and joy.

National Children's Museum

An entire museum just for kids? Now that sounds like something your little ones would love! The museum displays everything that could be fun as well as educational for a child. Complete with a mobile planetarium, a mini zoo and an aquarium, the place has got all the kids covered. This makes for a really wholesome experience which surely benefits kids in the long run.

Knock Knock

We often think about our childhood as something that is long lost in the past, but on Children's day, it all comes back to us, like a rush of adrenaline. All the childhood memories wash over you and you can't help but give your kids the best time of their lives. This children's day, head over to any one of these places and give your kids something to remember the day by.

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