Do not forget to check in with your finances during the pandemic

The corona virus has been a part of everyday life in India for a while now. Its impact on society affects the global and private economies as well, all the more for some of us. The future can feel uncertain during times of crisis, and not everyone has been able to prepare for tough times and recession. So, it is time to check in with your personal finances. How are they doing?

For many, the pandemic means a deterioration in personal finances, due to, for example, unemployment and/or reduced income. Others have been fortunate enough to be able to keep their jobs but may have experienced struggles with their economy based on other factors.

There are tricks to succeed in keeping your economy stable, even in times of crisis. Especially how it is in the whole of India right now. Below we have gathered some aspects you should review within your personal finances to make sure that your economy, at least, stays healthy.

Can you manage on your monthly budget?

Of course, it is very important to make sure that you are managing on your monthly budget, especially in times like these. If you do not have a budget already, make one now! With a budget you get a quick and easy overview of your finances on a monthly basis. A budget helps you plan your incomes and expenses so that there is enough money to survive.

How are your investments doing?

Today, most people around the world are investing in securities to earn short- or long-term returns. Investments are crucial for those who wish to live economically independent in the future, or simply to retire without having to worry about not having enough money. If you are investing in stocks, bonds or even cryptocurrency (find out more about cryptocurrency here), it is worth checking in on your investments regularly, but even more during times of crisis.

Do you have a savings account for emergency expenses?

The pandemic has proven that crises occur, and that we must be prepared for them. If you do not have an emergency savings account dedicated emergency expenses already, this is something you should establish immediately. It is important to always have savings to use when bad luck strikes. The best thing is of course to prevent the damage before it occurs, such as boosting your immunity with these 9 lifestyle measures - but remember the importance of being prepared.

Are you drowning in debt?

If you have many different loans and credits, you probably have a lot of high interest rates and debt to pay off. If this is you, it can be profitable to collect all your debts in a larger loan, also known as a debt consolidation loan. By collecting your loans and credits, you not only get a lower monthly cost, but also a better control and overview of your expenses. At the same time a debt consolidation plan might help you. Even though it sounds scary to apply for a loan to pay off debt – it can pay off in the long run.

With each trip to Goa, one realises that this state has so much more to offer, than the usual experience of 'sun, sand and the sea'. But now since the lockdown is in place and travelling seems like a far-fetched dream, engaging in chalking out a post-pandemic travel itinerary is the only way to satiate our wanderlust. So moving over generic beach experiences for a day, you need to visit the Mangrove Boardwalk in Goa, which boasts of 14 varieties of mangroves and is also touted to be the second of its kind in the country!
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In the wake of the surging COVID cases during the second wave of the pandemic, the shortage of COVID essentials has been a major issue, along with timely deliveries. Given this scenario, the Goa International Airport and its frontline corona warriors are all geared up to ensure smooth delivery of medical essentials, as per a statement by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Friday. Further, as per reports, the GOI had also handled three lots of COVID vaccine for Goa and one lot for Karnataka, back in January and February, this year.

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The construction work of Mumbai's Coastal Road project is going on in full swing, although the city still lies shrouded under the gloom of the raging pandemic. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has also deployed monopile technology for the project, that connects south Mumbai to the western suburbs. Breaking the usual trend of using group pile technology while making any bridge on a sea or river, this is the first time when monopile technology is being used in India.

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Every now and then, all of us get tired of the city rush, hectic schedules, pollution and what not! There is no escaping the city forever but you can always take a pause to untangle the knots in your mind. And what better way to do it than heading to a waterfall amidst a jungle!? Lying 30 km from Indore, Mohadi Falls is where you can drive to, in order to relax and let go of all the negativity accumulated in the bustle of your everyday life!

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Exhausted by the monotonous routines and office hours that now span throughout the day, we often forget to take a breath and step away from our digital world. So if you're scouting for places to visit near Indore to make the most of your upcoming chhuti, then consider the Pipliyapala Regional Park! With a flowing lake surrounded by a verdant atmosphere, this space is like a serene oasis amidst the urban jungle of Indore.

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Bun-Maska and chai are a match made in heaven. Period.

We believe, there is no place that can match the Brun Maska and Irani chai combo which is available at Mumbai's Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery and if you're a nostalgic person, you should definitely pull up a chair here. Yazdani takes you back in time with each sip of your tea and if you've been looking for a place to visit with your friends for a chatty evening, then you must at once, consider it!

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The aroma of a freshly baked pancake dripping with hot maple syrup, layered with sweet buttercream and a hint of vanilla- just the mere thought of it, has us craving for some pancake lovin'! Preferred as breakfast and savoured as dessert, the fluffy goodness of a stack of pancakes always leaves us wanting for more. So, indulge your palate in a sugary delight and try out these 5 places in Lucknow, serving the best pancakes in the city!

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