When in Goa, you've got to try out the casinos. The tourist state is one of the premier casino gaming destinations in India and if you want to try your luck and cash out on it, these casinos are for you. Even with the advent of betting sites good old casinos are still quite popular, especially in Goa's tourist driven economy.

Casinos can be found in upmarket areas of Goa, and on offshore boats, reserved for the highest rolling players. Onshore casinos in Goa are quite accessible for all people, and while they do have dealers at each table, most of the functioning is handled by machines- to ensure everything is clean, clear and fair. These casinos in Goa offer some of the most luxurious gaming experiences in India, so, if you're planning a Goa trip and on the lookout for some of the best onshore casinos in Goa, check out some of these.

1. Casino Carnival at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, Panaji


Here is a Casino in Goa which is one of the best onshore casinos in the state. It offers visitors grand performances from nationally and internationally acclaimed artistes. Casino Carnival strives to give visitors top notch entertainment and gaming. When it comes to gaming, these guys know how to pamper their guests- they've got everything from slot machines to international and national card games to roulette tables and lots more. Awaken the gamer within you as you experience all that Casino Carnival has to offer.

2. Casino Palms, Calangute-Baga Road


If you're looking to completely lose yourself in the world of live casino gaming with some fun games, then Casino Palms has got to be the place to check out. With a welcoming ambience, a range of other facilities, scrumptious food (for those who aren't into gambling), this is a place which has got it all. Casino Palms has a range of games- blackjack, roulette, mini- flush and baccarat along with machine poker and slot machines, leaving the player spoilt for choice. Situated in the luxurious La Calypso Hotel, there's a lot more fun to be had here other than just gambling.

3. Casino Paradise at Neo Majestic Hotel, Porvorim


Casino Paradise is truly a paradise for casino gamers here in Goa. This casino is the largest one in the state- it spreads across an area of 5,000sq ft and offers its guests with a range of games and a host of other facilities. The overall vibe screams casino gaming- which is natural, considering that this was the sole purpose of the luxurious casino. Here, you can enjoy your favorite games like never before at digital roulette stations and the robotic arm baccarat station along with blackjack, baccarat and mini flush. Onshore casinos in Goa are progressively getting technologically advanced, and for the machine enthusiast the casino also houses numerous slot machines.

4. Chances Casino, Dauna Paula


As far as onshore casinos in Goa are concerned Chances Casino is one that is really pushing the boundaries of casino gaming. This is one of the few casinos which still offers a conventional style of gaming- with a human dealer, rather than machines taking over, which lends a sense of surprise and unpredictability to the game. Just some of the games you can play here include American Roulette, Commission free mini-baccarat along with electronic roulette, electronic blackjack, slot machines. For a classic, luxurious casino gaming experience, you've got to try your chances at Chances Casino.

5. Crown Casino,Panjim


One of the latest entrants into the casino culture here in Goa, Crown Casino not only gives its guests a premier gaming experience, but also a magnificent view of the glorious Mandovi River. If you're more into gaming than the view, then you will be glad to know that the casino offers an array of games like Roulette, Black Jack, Poker of all sorts- Three cards Poker Ultimate Texas Hold'em together with Double Diamond, Lucky 7, Video Roulette, IGT Video Poker and Wheel of Fortune. If you're planning to spend an exotic evening in Goa, then Crown Casino is one place you just can't miss out on.

When it comes to Goa, the casino lifestyle is a big part of what makes the tourist state thrive. Goa is THE destination to be at- not just for partying, but for checking out the casino industry in India. The state has a range of great onshore and offshore casinos, each of which can add volumes to your next Goa trip.

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In Goa, casino culture is a big part of what makes the tourist state thrive. Not only do outsiders come and try their hand at games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and many more, but the locals are invested in it as well. With the current ongoing global trends, things are changing everywhere and in that light, players are shifting towards online casinos With the help of online casino, more and more people are getting a chance to try their luck in a virtual setting and earn real money.

Online gaming, mobile gaming and such services are quickly gaining traction. With esports becoming more popular by the day, people are realizing the scope of mobile gaming (in this case, online casino). This comes under the category of online mobile gaming, which is convenient and pushes players to take a turn towards real money games.

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Construction work of Lucknow's Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport Terminal 3 is going on in full swing. The swanky new terminal will have all the latest state of the art features and will be ready by 2021 end.

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2020 has indeed been a year worth remembering. For gamers, more so because the year has shed upon us some truly amazing and captivating games. These games range from story driven games, to open world exploration games with a heavy focus on worlds and game mechanics, competitive FPS games and lots more.

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In Lucknow, the history and the charm of the royals has not been lost yet. The Nawabi Awadhs left a permanent mark on the city and some relics are being discovered even to this date. While the most famous places here happen to be the Bada and Chota Imambaras, there are a slew of these Imambaras littered all around the city.

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2020 has certainly been a year worth remembering- for good or for bad is for you to decide. It is only right that you send off one of the longest years of our lives with a bang and what better place in Lucknow to be at during New Year's Eve than Molecule? The biggest pub in town is also the place where the most happening parties take place, which is why you can expect a mind-blowing party this New Year too. Molecule is throwing a massive New Year's eve carnival & you've got to be at this exclusive extravaganza!

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If your friends are asking you, "what's the scene for NYE?" and you've been searching for a place to let loose with your squad, then we've got the perfect party plan for you! Here in Lucknow, one of the most classic bar and restaurant- the Flying Saucer Cafe, has taken it upon themselves to give a great send-off to the year 2020 and that's why they're hosting an NYE bash like no other place in the city.

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