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If you live in Mumbai or are in touch with the national news you know for a fact that foods in Mumbai are a very real thing. Every year during monsoon Mumbai starts to flood and the city which never sleeps comes to a standstill. Why is it that a city with over 2 million people living in it doesn’t have a proper outlet for the floods and how can Mumbaikars as locals tackle a task that even BMC fails to deal with.

The floods that happened in 2017, reminded people of the wreck the 2005 floods left in the city. With millions gone in property damage and repair, lives at stake and the city coming to a halt, this year once again, this video by popular social media platform VICE explains why is it that the number one contributor in India’s GDP is unable to deal with floods.

Featuring the voice of famous stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi, the video which was released approximately 3 months ago, goes into a deep analysis of what causes the flooding each year in Mumbai. Rohan goes to call the rains in Mumbai “chai-bhajiya” weather causing destruction and bring the entire city to a standstill.

He also talks about how Mumbai was literally created by artificially joining small islands in the Arabian sea and the fact that the drains here had been made to dump all the waste into the sea. Which becomes a major reason for flooding since the old structures cannot keep up during high-tides and spew water back up the drain.

The video also explores the simple ways in which people can contribute towards making sure that he city does not flood as easily. The video is a must watch, for people living in Mumbai as well as anyone who wishes to visit the city or understand why it floods here so easily.

Kanpur Traffic Police announces road diversions at Mall Road in line with metro development work

Traffic will be regulated on the diverted route from 4 PM on Saturday to 6 AM on Monday.

The Kanpur Traffic Police Department has announced its road diversion plan to ensure glitch-free commute in the city during the course of metro development work. Reportedly, the Kanpur Metro Rail Corporation has decided to set up a cross-arm intersection at the Motijheel Station of the Priority Corridor. This ongoing construction work will stretch till 6 AM on September 27 and all vehicles passing through this site will be redirected.

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UP to soon get a new 200-acre-wide data centre park

The new data centre will come up in Noida's Sector-28

In a bid to cultivate Uttar Pradesh's commercial landscape, the state administration has planned to develop data centre park in Noida. This structure will reportedly spread over 200 acres of land at Sector 28 of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and attract investments from IT industry giants in India and abroad. The plan is expected to roll out by the end of August.

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