Staying connected in the National Capital isn't all that much of an issue these days. With good 3G and 4G connectivity across the entire city, you're never disconnected from the Net. However, not everyone wants to use their mobile data at all times. In order to help those of you who ration your data, the PWD is coming up with 11,000 free wifi hubs at bus stations, marketplaces and other points of interest across the city. As per reports, the installation of wifi hubs should be complete by the end of December 2019.

What's the update?

In order to make Delhi a more developed city, one with better connectivity, the PWD is finally going ahead with this move. Connectivity doesn't just mean getting people from one place to another but it is also counted in terms of mobile and internet connection, which is the need of the hour. As India's population gets younger, their needs get more futuristic.

This is just one small step in the right direction, one that allows them to cater to the needs of a wider target group. With the new wifi hubs, Delhiites will stay connected to the internet like never before. It's time to say goodbye to all the connectivity drops you've been facing!

Where will the 11,000 hubs come up?

Though the plan for implementing 11,000 hubs has been around for a while, it never got executed. So, we're glad it is happening now.

The main areas where the hotspots will come up will be- at bus stops(both small and big), major market places across the national capital and at public parks. Since all of these areas see a high footfall, it is highly likely that the move will be an immediate success.

How can you use it?

As per the rules, each user can avail of 15GB free data per month. After you register with a particular phone number at any of the hotspots, the phone's wifi will automatically snap on to the nearest source. Since you only have to sign up at one location to use it everywhere, the initial steps are rather easy.

Apart from that, the network will have a range of up to 50-60 meters, so even if you're in the vicinity, you can make use of free internet. Now who would give that up?

Lucknow's CCS Airport to house an aircraft maintenance centre soon!

All issues related to the air vehicles will be fixed using domestic resources, without the need for an engineer from Delhi or Mumbai.

Amid a string of developments being witnessed at the Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport in Lucknow, an aircraft maintenance hub will be established at this station soon. Once the latest facility is launched, all issues related to the air vehicles will be fixed using domestic resources, without the need for an engineer from Delhi or Mumbai. Besides, it is expected that this centre would also usher an array of employment opportunities for the youngsters.

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Enroute 'green future': Electric Vehicle Policy to be rolled out in Rajasthan!

The state government has offered some benefits like subsidies on the upfront cost of electric vehicles for the first line of buyers.

After the introduction of the Electric Vehicles Policy across multiple states of the country, Rajasthan is all set to roll out a similar scheme now. Previously, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Telangana administrations have worked on parallel interventions and initiated EV policies aiming for a green future. Mahendra Soni, Commissioner, Transport Department of the Rajasthan government informed that the EV policy has been drafted and now, it will be transferred to the finance department for approval.

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Flood-like situations crop up across various parts of Goa due to incessant rains!

Authorities informed that some homes in low-lying regions have submerged underwater and a strict vigil is being maintained now.

After the early arrival of monsoons, heavy rains were witnessed across different parts of Goa in the past few days. Driven by heavy showers, certain parts of both North and South Goa are faced with flood-like circumstances. Reportedly, this includes Sattari and Bicholim areas in the north district Dharbandora in the south district. As per reports, authorities informed that some homes in low-lying regions have submerged underwater and a strict vigil is being maintained now.

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Amid the lowering scale of COVID infection in Rajasthan, the state Education Minister on Thursday announced the reopening of schools from 2nd August, across all districts. These institutes have been shut ever since the outbreak of the second COVID wave, in April this year. Schools also had to halt operations after the first wave took over, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students and staff members.

Although schools have been conducting classes online in order to keep the curriculum going, it is difficult to match up to the exposure imparted in regular on-campus classes. Concerned about the same, the authorities have now decided upon resuming classes

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Focused COVID sampling begins in Lucknow for detection of new variants

Notably, special testing camps are already operational at the airport, railway station and bus stops in Lucknow.

In view of the new COVID mutants surfacing in the country, the Uttar Pradesh government is initiating focused sampling schedules in Lucknow from today onwards. As a part of this exercise, the targeted sampling drives will be conducted in areas that logged a large count of infections during the first and second waves of accelerated infections. Aimed at arresting the third COVID wave in the state capital, this program will be implemented via an extensive plan of action.

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1 lakh more jabs needed to achieve 100% first dose coverage in Goa

About 64.6% of Goa's local population has received the first shot of COVID vaccination.

With the vaccination of another 1 lakh beneficiaries, Goa will be able to achieve its target 100% COVID vaccination coverage for its eligible population. As per reports, the state has been planning to restart tourism activities after this feat is met. The deadline for the same had been announced as July 31. The CM has appealed to the public to come forward and get the anti-virus jab to accelerate the process.

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