With Delhi's air quality a constant eye sore, youngsters find refuge at "Oxygen Bars"

Over the past few days, Delhi's air quality has been on a road to deterioration. In the past few weeks Delhi has experienced some of the worst air pollution of all time, with the AQI even crossing the 500 mark. With Delhi's AQI constantly in the 'severe' category, the city has taken up to a new trend- Oxygen Bar, or, as the cool kids call it, Oxy Pure.

This is perhaps the last resort before something concrete is done about the current pollution levels. Today, we take a look at how these oxygen bars are the manifestation of something that goes way deeper than it seems on the surface.

What's the update?

The pollution laden city of Delhi has become something of a gas chamber. Toxicity levels are rising at an insane pace and the pollutants including PM2.5 and PM10 are on the rise as well. The odd even scheme seems to have brought about a very slight (almost insignificant) change and that is why Delhiites are turning to Oxy Pure, the first oxygen bar in India, for hits of clean air.

What exactly is Oxy Pure?

At the oxygen bar, people can walk in, hook themselves up to a life breathing machine and get 15 minutes of pure, unadulterated oxygen. It's basically the next step towards preparing for the apocalypse, which is rather near, considering the steady pace at which Delhi's pollution is on the rise.

The oxygen bar lets you get to hook up to tubes using which, you can inhale jasmine, lavender, lemongrass scented oxygen. Keep in mind, the scent is only for the please of your senses, and the rest of the magic is done by the pure oxygen. Even if the effect is more psychological than effective, it still does much to give a semblance of hope to Delhiites.

What pushed Delhi to the boundaries?

Not only does the idea of a bar like Oxy Pure seem like something straight out of an H.G Wells novel, it is telling of a more pressing issue- that people have nowhere else to go. Delhiites are fed up of living in something that is going towards a toxic waste and and the oxygen bar is a sign that points towards a better future, albeit a bit dystopian.

It is the sheer lack of action to do something about the environment that has brought us to this position. Many of the government's schemes have gone in vain and has often only worked as temporary measures. This one of a kind bar just aims to give people a clean hit of oxygen- and that's about as good as it gets in Delhi.

Knock Knock

Delhiites, it is time to wake up and do your bit with the help of whatever means necessary. When the city goes down in toxicity, at least you can say you did your part, however little of an impact it had. At any rate, if you're planning on getting some clean oxygen, then head to Select City Walk, Saket, which is the home of Oxy Pure.

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