Holistic education takes a leap in Lucknow with booming opportunities for young kids!

It is crucial to address the need for a wholesome pedagogy for young learners of the 21st century.

Technological innovations and inventive thinking together constitute the insignia of a fertile present and a progressive future. While the evolving nature of technology has made it a mandatory skill for younger learners, it is essential to couple it with a financial aptitude and business-driven attitude for assuring sustained growths, today. One must address the need for a wholesome pedagogy for kids of the 21st century, that can provide them with a life crafted as per their innate interests and ambitions!

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From July 1, Lucknowites will be able to book desired license plate numbers ahead of car purchase

Fancy license plate numbers can now be booked a month in advance, directly from car showrooms.

In a major change in the vehicle buying procedure, the state of Uttar Pradesh has permitted to book license plate numbers even before the purchase of the vehicle is authenticated. From July 1, people will be able to get desired or fancy numbers directly at the showrooms, saving multiple trips to the RTOs. This provision will be made available at only two or four-wheeler showrooms in Lucknow, Kanpur and other UP districts, easing the course of vehicle registration.

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Experience an offbeat educational narrative about colonial architecture at Houses of Goa Museum

Do not forget to capture the ship-structured building which houses this museum, through your lenses!

Located at a distance of hardly 8 km from Panaji, the Houses of Goa Museum provides a glimpse into the prevalent architectural practices of colonial Goa. It is a hidden gem located in the hamlet of Salvador-do-Mundo and it was conceptualised by Goa's famous architect- Gerard Da Cunha. If you wish to know what the confluence of the east and west looks like, then tag along with us as we give you a peek through this historical window!

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All health centres in UP to be linked with main roads to ease accessibility of medical facilities

There are 9 CHCs, 28 PHCs, 52 health post centres and 8 urban PHCs in Lucknow, as yet.

Attempting to ease the accessibility of health and medical facilities for the residents of Uttar Pradesh, the government has issued instructions to connect all the community health centres (CHCs) and primary health centres (PHCs) in urban and rural areas, with the main roads. Moreover, to provide relief to the patients, all the CHC and PHC-connected roads in the state are presently being fortified.

There are 3,011 PHCs and 855 CHCs in UP while the number of urban PHCs is 592. On the other hand, there are 9 CHCs, 28 PHCs, 52 health post centres and 8 urban PHCs in the state capital Lucknow, currently.
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Indore aims to become a self-sufficient generator of LMO ahead of expected third wave

The Indore District Collector has set up a monitoring committee to expedite the construction of oxygen plants at hospitals

Amid the alarms of an approaching third COVID wave, Indore has buckled up to become a self-sufficient producer of medical oxygen. The motive to achieve this status has aggravated since the advent of the recent wave of COVID-19 in the district, which exposed the lack of supplies, amenities and medical utilities to tackle the pandemic. To ensure this, around 40 hospitals in Indore will set up oxygen generating plants.

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IIT Kanpur rolls out free 4-week online course in Foundations of Cognitive Robotics

IIT Kanpur's Cognitive Robotics course will benefit both, students & industry experts.

Introducing a new dimension in the field of robotics and cognitive studies, the Indian Institute of Kanpur has launched a free online course in Foundations of Cognitive Robotic. This is a primary level programme that is set to benefit both students and industry experts, in just 4 weeks. A complete 360° course, its study sessions will explore the science of robotic via illustrative models, facts and relevant theories.

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NER Lucknow Division to restart passenger trains from June 25

Passengers will soon be able to travel in Lucknow trains with unreserved tickets.

The Lucknow Division of the Northern Eastern Railway has decided to revive passenger trains, across important routes from June 25 onwards. Besides this, the bustle of train travel is set to scale higher with the provision of unreserved ticket travel - with special counters for the same at many stations including the Lucknow Junction. Passengers can buy tickets from these windows while following the norms of physical distancing, read reports.

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Goa Institute of Management ranked amid top 4 "pioneering" B-schools in PIR 2021 report!

An overall count of 46 business schools from 21 countries had participated in this rating module in 2021.

In the global report of Positive Impact Rating (PIR) 2021, the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has been ranked as a "pioneering" B-school, alongside 3 other such institutions. This review was put forward at the virtual forum of United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN-PRME) held in New York, an official statement mentioned on Friday. An overall count of 46 business schools from 21 countries, had participated in this rating module in 2021.

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Lost & found: Leopardess Cleopatra finally spotted after 2 years at Galta forest in Jaipur

Last seen in 2019, this blue-eyed leopardess went 'missing' to look for her own territory, informed officials.

Cleopatra, Jhalana's most beautiful leopardess was three years old, when she went missing in 2019. Two years on, the blue-eyed beauty was spotted here, after a thorough investigation of the Forest Department. Leopard experts from Jhalana had installed camera traps in several forest regions, which lead to the discovery of Cleopatra in the forests of Sumail in the Galta region on June 13.

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