Lakhnau is for anyone who harbors a deep-seated interest in the nuances of art, history and culture and of course, it is a foodie’s paradise too. Lucknow is an exclusive way of life- each corner brewing the smells of diversity and cloaking the vital essence of tehzeeb and tameez across the city.

Much has been and will continue to be written about Lucknow- the zenith of its majestic past and charms which linger loose like an after-taste. You must’ve read about the intricacies of chikankari, the royal Rumi Darwaza, the drool-worthy kebabs and parathas, makhhan-malai and so on.
But what we have today, is a tad bit different from the listicles you’ll usually come across.

British Saint of Musa Bagh- Zimsha Naqvi (bint_e_rahil)

Musa Bagh now lies in shambles but the main attraction of this spot is the grave of Kaptan Baba! According to historical records, Kaptan Baba is actually the title given to Captain F. Wale who was a brave sepoy.

Legends say that this place is still haunted by the soul of Kaptan Baba and his wandering spirit is pleased by cigarettes only and not by incense sticks. Musa Bagh was setup by Saadat Ali Khan in the early 19th century which comprised of sprawling gardens and a kothi.

Bada Mangal- Yash Nigam (sidewalk_enfrce)

Legend has it, in 1718 queen Alia Begum laid the foundation of two statues of Lord Hanuman which were found during the construction work of her mahal. Alia Begum got the statues placed somewhere in the corner of the construction area and apparently the next night in her dreams, she heard -‘install these statues and you will have a child born to you’. Within few days Alia Begum got the statue installed and it is the temple that is now known as ‘Purana Hanuman Mandir’, Aliganj. Alia Begum was also ‘blessed’ with a son she named him, ‘Mangat Rai Firoz Shah’

Bada Mangal- happens only in Lucknow!

Bada Mangal, is a unique festival which is celebarted only in Lucknow and has been here for the past 400 years. Bada Mangal is celebrated each Tuesday from the first to the last Tuesday of Hindu month of Jyestha. In order to celebrate this, the organisers serve free food to all and it is an exemplary example of secularism and cross-religious beliefs the citizens here.

Charbagh Railway Station- A chess board. Prerona (faithtrust.pixie.dust)

Charbagh is considered as one of the most beautiful railway stations in India and rightfully so. It is an amalgamation of clever architecture along with an element of the Awadhi history.

The building is designed on the lines of Indo- British fusion architecture, cloaked in red and white. The aerial view of this station partially appears like a chess board with each of its turrets and domes, which makes it look like chess pieces! This railway station also houses water reservoirs that are intricately hidden inside the facade being covered by curves.

Lucknow- Dauphin County, Pennsylvania- Shambhavi Singh (shambhavi_29)

Lucknow is a small unincorporated community in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, United States, in the Harrisburg-Carlisle area! The community was named after city of Lucknow in India.

There is also another locality called Lucknow which is situated in New South Wales, Australia.

2nd Happiest city in India- Aniket Singh (aniket_1202)

Among the happiest cities of India, Lucknow is the 2nd happiest of the lot! So what makes Lucknow a happy city?
We’re guessing the andaaz of the people, the heavenly food, convenience, cultural and ethnic potpourri and so much more!

Muskuraiye, aap Lakhnau mei hai.

Lucknow lives forever in the hearts of those that will never be able to call anywhere else “home”and rightfully so. This city feeds our nostalgia and once you fit in, you can never really bid a farewell. Even if you are not here, some parts of your heart and mind are bound to wander along the alleys of this sheher.

Mehka Hua Hai Humse Gulistaan-e Lucknow,
Hai Jaan Hamari Lucknow, Hum Jaan-e Lucknow.

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