Chole bhature is the real comfort food. The oily fluffy bhaturas filled with steam, the thick chole submerged in a deliciously spicy gravy and the onions and pickle that accompany it are often the best and the only medicine you require. Here’s a list of 5 best chole bhature places in Indore for the ultimate tummy warming experience.

Oye Pappe

Oye Pappe is your go-to place if you’re looking for anything Punjabi or North Indian in Indore. The chole bhature here are as good as they get, the bhaturas are fluffy, crunchy and good enough to warm your heart. The chole too are spicy, tangy, savory and the perfect combination to the fluffy dough balls.


JMB in Indore is nothing short of legendary and is the oldest in the city serving chole bhature. JMB is known for many things but the chole bhature they serve here have the necessary pull we need to differentiate it from a simple poori. The chole too is spicy mushy and yummy.

Amritsari Tadka

Amritsari Tadka in Indore is one of the few places that will give you an authentic North Indian/Punjabi food experience. While the world runs after quinoa and salads their chole bhature are the fuel that keeps the city moving. The fluffy bhature and the uber delicious chole they serve, don’t have a match in town.

MP- 09 Nagpal's Chole Bhature

How can we discuss chole bhature places in Indore and skip Nagpal’s Chole Bhature ? When we speak of legendary outlets that have a set taste for everything they serve, Nagpal’s will surely pop into the minds of a true Indori. The super flavourful chole that sit in a spicy masala mix paired with chewy bhature, will instantly put you into a good mood. The pickles and onions will only add to all the textures we crave for.

Sharma Namkeen Bhandaar

Another good chole bhature place in Indore is Sharma Sweet and Namkeen bhandar. Though famous for their Indian sweet delicacies, Sharma Sweet also serve a killer chole bhature combo! Their chole have found a sweet spot between spicy, tangy and savory. A little more on the oily side, the bhature will have you full in a jiffy.

While you cannot go wrong with chole bhature in general, these places have a definite edge. So don’t wait for hunger to strike, be brave and overfill you already full tummy!

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