Kanpur is one of the busiest and largest industrial areas in India and if you’re in Lucknow for a visit, you should take a day or two to travel to Kanpur to explore this region too!

To make your travel easier, we have come up with 5 places in Kanpur you can visit if you’re in town!

1. General Sir Hugh Wheeler's Entrenchment

General Sir Hugh Wheeler's Entrenchment in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has remained as one of the prime tourist spots in Kanpur where you get a slice of historical taste.

Although it cannot be termed as an 'attraction', the General Sir Hugh Wheeler's Entrenchment has over the years been rendered as a location which has witnessed the brutality of mankind in the bygone era! So you can pay this place a humble visit to see the historical ruins!

Where: Just a kilometer away from the Central Railway Station of Kanpur!

2. Iskcon Temple

The ISKCON temple or the Sri Sri Radha Madhav Mandir in Kanpur is the second largest ISKCON temple in the world only after the Mayapur ISKON temple in West Bengal.

This sprawling temple is an architectural delight and attracts thousands of devotees and visitors every year. The temple compound also includes a Vedic Ashram, Food For Life center, Bhaktivedanta Youth Academy, Bhaktivedanta Book Library, a guest house for the devotees, a conference room, community hall, a restaurant and a gift shop where visitors can buy religious and spiritual souvenirs. It also includes a Goshala which houses about sixty cows!

Visit this place to encounter serenity and peace in its purest form!

Where: Sri Sri Radha Madhava Mandir, Mainavati Marg, Bithoor Road-Kanpur.

3. Patthar Ghat

Resting on the banks of the sacred river Ganges, Patthar Ghat is a prominent tourist attraction in Bithoor, a suburb in Kanpur!

Patthar Ghat was carved entirely out of the red sandstone by the funds of Tikait Rai who was once a minister of Awadh.

Just like other ghats in the suburb, this ghat is also frequently visited by the locals and the visitors on a large-scale because of its religious and spiritual significance!

On a daily basis, the priests of the temple conduct aartis and numerous people participate in it so you can drop by with the elderly right here!

Where: Fort Rd, Bithoor, Uttar Pradesh 209201!

4. Allen Forest Zoo

Allen Forest Zoo, also known as the Kanpur Zoological Park, was built on a original forest land and is the largest open green space in Kanpur.

Bounded by a natural lake and crowding trees, the Kanpur Zoo covers the largest area of the zoological garden in Asia. A botanical garden with rare species of plants, a rain water lake, an aviary, a separate building for night creatures, an aquarium and a huge dinosaur sculpture are other attractions in the Allen Forest Zoo which is a must visit for families on a weekend!

Those who cannot cover the zoo on foot, they can pay and ride electric cars which are available at a reasonable price!

Where: Hastings Ave, Azad Nagar, Nawabganj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002!

5. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Renamed as Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary, you can visit this place with your family to actually witness the flocks of migratory birds around!

It is one of the many wetlands of Northern India and this sanctuary is a haven for 250 species of the avian population. A small park for deer has been established in the vicinity of the sanctuary so you can also catch a glimpse of barking deers as well! This is a perfect winter hangout spot for your family!

While visiting these places, do not forget to try out Kanpur’s famous street-food options, the lip-smacking Baba Biriyani and Dunkin’ Donuts for a sweet ending!

So if you’re in the city this weekend, you know now where you should be heading out to enjoy an exciting family time.

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