5 reasons why shopping at Janpath is an integral part of 'Ganjing' in Lucknow

Lucknow is a paradise for foodies, but it is also a haven for shopaholics. And when it comes to shopping in the city, there's no place we'd rather be at than Hazratganj. Ganj or Ganjing is an iconic expression which has literally been coined to encapsulate the love Lucknow has, for shopping in Hazratganj. Yet, your 'Ganjing' will truly remain incomplete without going to Janpath and spending a solid hour or two looking at stuff.

The winding lanes of Hazratganj are stacked full of things you can buy and when you enter Janpath, you realise how much more there is that you've still got to explore. We've all been to Janpath, with our parents, friends or just alone, looking for something that stands out and can't be easily found elsewhere.

So here's a few reasons why we love Janpath so much and can never have enough of the quaint market.

1. Left wali Chikan lane

When you enter Janpath from the Hazratganj end, the first thing you notice is a whole row chikan shops. Traditional chikan shops where you can find the best of Lakhnawi chikankari. From uniquely intricate suits, sarees and kurtas to the more modern dresses, you can find the best of chikan designs here. Just make sure to drive a hard bargain and see at least a few options before buying your pick.

2. Electronic Lane

While turning left on Janpath takes you to a world of chikan, turn right and you'll be greeted with a row of electronic shops. Here you can find anything you might be looking for, from mobile covers, screen guards and lamps to OTGs, chargers and much else. The shops here will just not disappoint you.

3. Magazine wale uncle (Modern Bookstore)

Magazine wale uncle of the Modern Book Store and his quaint bookshop is as legendary as the Janpath market itself. There isn't a magazine or a book that you will not find here. From references that will help you ace any competitive exam to the latest version of GQ and Vogue, this is the place where you can find all your desired books and magazines.

4. Accessories Galore

Another thing we love the Janpath market for are the number of shops here that make help us find any and every accessory we have been looking for. Glass bangles, leather belts, fun hairbands, Kolhapuri chappals (from the Kolhapuri Centre), bags, shoes and more, Janpath has so much to offer when it comes to accessories.

5. The old Ittar shops

Ittar is something we dearly associate with the culture of Lucknow. Mildly floral, spicy, musty and even sweet, ittar has had its shining moment and it will forever be that one thing we hold dear about the city. So when on the quest to find the best ittar in the city, you can also check out Janpath market. Though few in number the ittar shops here will make you wonder why you've never been ittar shopping in Janpath.

Knock Knock

With so much to see and buy, Janpath will forever remain an inseparable part of our Ganjing experience. No matter how many massive malls open up in the city, Janpath will always be Lucknow's go-to for all things essentially Lakhnawi. So head to the market today and find something you like.

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