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Lucknow is a goldmine for foodies, the city has a rich history of chefs and cooks who've made food a heritage. If you ask any Lucknowite what they'll miss the most if they ever move away from the city, food will be the first thing on their tongues.

Lucknow has a lot to offer when it comes to winter specific foods too. And with winters approaching, here's a list of 7 delicacies specific to Lucknow, that we just can't wait to get in our mouth.

1. Kali Gajar Ka Halwa

Another winter delicacy that is unique to Lucknow is the 'Kali Gajar Ka Halwa'. This unique dish made of black or deep purple carrots is the perfect winter dessert. Made with thickened milk, grated carrots and a ton of nuts, this delicacy is just what you need to warm your insides during the cold winter evenings.

A dash of cardamom, a hint of warm spices and a whole lot of sugary, carrotty, milky awesomeness. Plus the deep purple colours and the crunchy nuts make all the difference. You can find this halwa in the old part of Lucknow including Chowk's Radhey Lal Parampara Sweets.

2. Makkhan Malai

The biggest and the most delicious reason Lucknowites cannot wait for winters, is Makkhan Malai. This winter delicacy is a snack/dessert that we'll never have enough of. Made from frothy-foamy milk, saffron, floral spices and sugar, the dish is as exquisite as can be. The cloud like consistency and the foamy texture, makes the makkhan just melt in the mouth and provide for a much needed sweet relief.

If you live in the city, you know a winter without makkhan malai is unimaginable. Not having the delicacy in time for the season is a sin that we cannot fathom committing. Find the best of makkhan malai in chowk or

3. Noon Chai (Kashmiri Chai)

Also known as 'Pink Chai', Kashmiri chai is a specially prepared chai that you'll only find in the Kashmiri mohalla of Lucknow. The Kashmiri chai wala mohalla near the Nematkhana is the place you need to go looking for this delicacy.

Boiled for hours and made specially with Kashmiri green tea leaves, this tea is different from any other you'll ever taste. 'Noon' in colloquial terms stands for salt, hence the tea is prepared with a tiny hint of salt, which makes it quite unique tasting. This is something you have to try when in the city.

4. Paaye Ka Shorba

Paaya and things made with paaya are so rich and heavy that they're generally had during winters. The paaya soup is fatty, thick and rich, hence it is the perfect winter dish, it'll warm your tummy in no time and keep you charged throughout the day.

You can find some delicious paaya soup in Chander Nagar near Alambagh bus stand, just make sure to head there on an empty stomach so that you can have as much as you want!

5. Jouzi Halwa

Another winter dessert speciality of Lucknow, Jouzi Halwa is the best thing that you'll put in your mouth this winter. Made from sprouted wheat that is mixed in simmering milk, then cooked with khoya (solidified milk) and topped with toasted nuts, this halwa is rich enough to warm your dreary winters.

The oils and the fats from the halwa will warm you to the core while the heavenly sweet dish will warm your heart. If you ever wanted to taste winter in a bite, the Jouzi Halwa is exactly what it tastes like.

6. Nihari

Picture Credit: Kapil Roy

Nihari is something that we love all year round, but winters are definitely the best time to enjoy this rich exotic delicacy. Paaya Nihari and sheermal is the perfect breakfast dish that keeps you charged throughout the day.

A simple nahari curry is warm, savoury and full of flavour, made with bone broth simmered for hours, Paaya Nihari is a dish that defines breakfast goals in the city. If you're looking for a good paya nihari head to Mubeen, Raheem or anywhere in old Lucknow.

7. Bhuni Kaleji

Picture Credit: Kapil Roy

Kaleji is undoubtedly an acquired taste, only those who love it can relish the delicacy and we can never have enough of it. The winters are a perfect time to enjoy a plateful of roasted or pan fried kalejis.

Raju bhai ki kaleji near Aminabad's Tunday Kababi and different yet equally good one at Akbari Gate- Chowk, is exactly where you'll find the best of bhuni kaleji. So if you relish the smokey taste and the overall gameness of liver, these are a must-have during winters.

Knock Knock

With the winters knocking at our door, it would be rude to not have a few meals dedicated to the season of mist, fog and long woollen sleeves. So head to all these places and indulge in your favourite delicacies and enjoy everything that winters in this heaven of a city, stand for.

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