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The best time of the year is here, and with all your friends returning back to their home city Lucknow, this is the time for reunions, get-togethers and some catching up. To do all this, the most important thing required is a venue.

So, here we are with a list of all new cafes in Lucknow, to make your special moments, picture perfect and give your taste-buds, a satisfying experience.

1. Cafe Unplugged

A Cafe that was only a figment of your imagination until now, is now a reality. Gomti Nagar, the hub of all food-outlets, is now home to this super amazing place- Cafe Unplugged. True to its name- Unplugged, the cafe is always lined up with musical and artistic events, to celebrate art in the city. With open mic sessions to poetry, snippets, micro-tales to rocking Karaoke performances, this is the most exciting place to be in. This place comprises of different seating arrangements, and has bunkers for you to chill with your gang. You can order anything from the menu, and can be sure about its mind-blowing taste. But do not leave the place without tasting their ultimate garlic bread. Rest assured, whatever you are looking for in your fairytale place, this one has it all.

2. Goli Cafe

Located in Gomti Nagar, Goli Cafe is the perfect stop for an upgraded version of your favourite street snack, i.e, Pav Bhaji. A Vada Pav with extra cheese along with a range of various other healthy stuffings, this place brings to you, the best of Bombay. Their recently launched Pav Bhaji is finger licking good and deserves to be in your list of favourites.

Goli Cafe gives you a very calm ambiance and a rustic appeal, their mini library is perfect for book-lovers along with our favourite board games that help revive the good old days, with your friends. Their menu also comprises of pocket friendly rolls, healthy smoothies, fries and side snacks, all of which is high of taste.

Read more about Goli Cafe here

3. Red Carpet Cafe

This new cafe in town is all set to host you with a perfect ambiance and good food. The aura of Red Carpet gives total justification to its name with the tinge of redness. The place is a cozy one that offers diverse and exotic seating arrangements. There is a special table with a swing to sit on. Next time grab that seat if you are up for a romantic date.

Red Carpet also boasts a private space for your special day. The space is the best one for a birthday party. Another thing to make the cafe shine is the gaming space that it offers. You can live the Friends moments by having a good Foos-ball game with your ‘Joey/Chandler’. It also hosts darting and PS 2 along with Carom.

4. Turquoise Cottage

When talking about new cafes in the city, one cannot simply miss the Turquoise Cafe. This place has taken Lucknowites by storm and has become a must visit for all and why not. The food and ambience have struck the people at the right place.

Exposed brick walls, lots of use of wood, faux flora and mirrors embossed on the pillars look great and blend in very well. TC is located in the cyber hub of the city and its menu is vast, like the place itself. This spacious and attractive place has separate seating areas, which take care of people’s privacy and avoid normal open dinning settlements. Make sure you visit this cafe at least once, and be sure to be blown away by its rustic appeal, flavoursome food and have a time of your life.

5. Asante

Folks in Indira Nagar will very soon have a new address to be in, Cafe Asante. For a very long time now, this area has been deprived of its own place to hangout, but the wait is finally over now.

Located near Kalevum Sweet House, Asante promises to bring the best taste, in an artistic ambiance to you, and give you a brand new chilling place. Asante, is the hard-work of two friends, who are keen on being the warmest hosts and provide their customers with quality food and service.

Asante is opening for Lucknowites on 15th October.

6. Genuine Broaster’s Chicken

One look at their menu will make you want to have everything on it and will make you forget what sophistication means, while you dig into the chicken with your fingers.

This is quite a new place in the city and you are going to find it in Singapore Mall. If you want to try something different and new, go for Begum Chicken Keema, Bidu’s Chicken Curry or Goan Fish Curry. Well, their desserts are pretty crazy too, because where else would you find a Gulkand Muffin. Cocktail lovers will love a glass of J.D. Singh, which basically is Jack Daniel with coke and desi tadka or they may go for Irish Patiyala, which is Indian Patiyala peg in Irish Style. Sounds worth a try, right? There bar menu is huge and so is their appetizer list and even the Fried Chicken Menu. This place might come to you as a slightly over priced, but is definitely worth it.

7. Castle Black

The craze and impact that game of thrones has had on us, gave birth to this GOT themed cafe in the city, and you must definitely visit it, if you haven’t yet. Located near Amity University, this place looks straight out of a GOT set, with artifacts, paintings, and a dark ambiance, to remind you of your favourite show at all times.

This place offers both Italian and South Indian and much more. Come witness, the experience of feast and fire at Castle Black, because winter is early this year.

Which cafe are you going to try out next this festive season? Visit them all and do share your experience in the comment section!

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